Thursday, 30 August 2012


I have always been fascinated with anything Medieval, an age of romance and chivalry, of adventures  with Knights and fair maidens - yes I know that most of this is fiction and not fact but it does not stop me! I have read so much about King Arthur, been to Glastonbury and Tintagel and when Craig was younger I dragged him along to Camelot theme park just to watch the jousting! 

I wanted to challenge myself with my photography this summer - I love doing personal projects, it keeps me inspired, makes me react to new surroundings and experiences and I believe it improves my photography. So I thought about what I would really love to photograph and remembered the Knights at Camelot and thought I would be brave and ask if I could come along to get some behind the scenes images - thankfully Richard , who is the head of Lionheart Entertainments who organises the Jousting did not think I was to crazy to ask and invited me along. I met the beautiful horses including Dave - yes Dave - the best name ever for a horse! I met the Jesters, Knights and Squires and was able to get into the arena during the shows as long as I stayed away from the flaming rings, lances and horses hooves!

These are some of the images from the 2 days I spent with the team. After watching the shows and chatting to them all I have to say that I have completely admire them all, they are completely dedicated to producing a show that will entertain, amuse and astound the crowds, they adore the horses and they did not mind me wandering around, generally getting in the way and pointing a huge camera at them for 2 days asking a ton of questions!

Thank you to Richard for allowing me to come along an indulge my passion, and thank you to all the team at Camelot....... and yes.....I still always cheer for the Black Knight!

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