Sunday, 17 June 2012

Brazilica Festival 2012

Last year I attended a workshop which was part of the Look 11 Liverpool Photography Festival .The workshop was about using photography to work with Community groups to develop not only skills in taking photographs but as a way of exploring their surroundings and issue that affect them. It was there that I met Jon Dawe, an incredibly talented social documentary photographer. 

Jon approached me earlier this year to see if I would be interested in being part of the Brazilica Festival in Liverpool this summer - this would involve working with a small group of aspiring photographers to facilitate them in covering the Festival and having the opportunity to exhibit their work afterwards. The Festival is organised by Orb Events and Jon and Steph Rooney from  This is Cirrus have been working with Orb events to create an opportunity for aspiring photographers to cover the Festival from the initial brief through to exhibiting their work. 

This is an extension of all the workshops that I have been involved with in the past where photographers get the opportunity to practice their skills and learn new ones, get advice and support and generally have a great time! The difference with this is that you get the opportunity to understand how to work to a specific brief, to try and meet the brief and also to have the chance to exhibit your work.

We were invited to the Launch of the Festival this week at the amazing Alma de Cuba restaurant in Liverpool and I managed to get some images behind the scenes , and of the catwalk show to showcase some of the costumes for this years Carnival parade 

If you think that you would like to take part in this workshop then head over to see more details

The website for Brazilica Festival is

Alma de Cuba can be found here

Snow White and the Huntsman...and Casey a cave and being very brave!

Its been a great and varied week, from photographing the launch of the Brazilica Festival, to being in an abandoned building in the torrential rain photographing my gorgeous friend , to more rain on the beach with a fabulous family from all over the world.......I quite like the places that photography takes me!

But I have to say that the absolute highlight of my week was going to the Cinema.....yep you heard me! Now I love films , big action movies, with heroes and villains and zombies and serial stories and chick flicks just don't do it for me. The film in question was Snow White and the Hunstman and normally I might have been interested in seeing this but I was completely over the top excited to see it as I saw some of it being filmed and photographed the gorgeous Casey in some of the locations!

let me start from the beginning , Casey is a good friend of mine who lives and breaths the landscape she lives in - Cumbria. She climbs, walks for miles and is always on the lookout for her next adventure. She contacted me last year to ask if I would photograph her in the area that she lives and she mentioned she was keen on trying to get some nude images. So on a very cold grey day we met up in the Lakes and started with some simple portraits

We then headed to a cave, a beautiful hidden space which seemed to have been closed off to the public for a few days....and then we found out why - the filming for Snow White and the Huntsman had been taking place in there the day before! We looked for any evidence they may have left behind....a script, a clapperboard , a Huntsman.....but not a thing! So Casey decided this was the place to be brave and these are the images we created, it was truly a special place to be, I felt very privileged to be asked to do this. I love to photograph women and to be able to use this incredible environment too was amazing

We were a little giddy with excitement when we left to head to a small lake in the shadow of the Langdales, but we got even more giddy on the way when we saw the helicopter, then looked across the ridge and saw the Dwarves, the Huntsman and Snow White! Filming was continuing all around the area and we had landed right in the middle of it. After a quick chat with the location team and Casey using all her charms we got permission to head down to the lake, we did have to try and convince the crew to stay away but when they realised what Casey was planning we seemed to attract a lot of attention......including the helicopter who came and landed by the side of us, then took off again and dipped near us to splash Casey as she was stood in the water!

So thats why, this week , Casey and I met up at the Cinema to watch this fabulous film, we squealed and giggled and got excited all over again when we saw the cave and the ariel shots of the dwarves, the Huntsman and Snow White on the ridge. 

I do get awestuck, I do love the movies and movie stars and to know that we were a little part of the Snow White experience in Cumbria still gives me goosebumps. To think that I may have photographed Kirsten Stewart and Chris Hemsworth is a little bit surreal.

And now I am ready to do it all again , so if Steven Spielberg or Ridley Scott are reading this and need a location photographer then my bags are packed and my camera is at your disposal, and if you can cast Sean Connery is the lead then all my dreams will come true - thats not a lot to ask is it!!!

Click here to go to the movie site

Friday, 1 June 2012

A moment to shine - the Olympic torch

I am not a big sports fan....and I don't tend to get too excited by big events like the Jubilee and the Olympics - no I am not miserable........honest! But I did want to capture the Olympic torch coming to Southport and Formby - more for the fact it is a moment in time - a piece of history. But the event became very special when I found out that Phil was going to be carrying the torch. I have known Phil and Joanna forever and they have been incredibly supportive of me over the years in so many ways. My Son and their eldest Son went to nursery together - now that seems like a very long time ago!

Joanne and Phil only found out that he was actually going to carry the touch a couple of days ago - it had been mentioned and the bid had gone in but then....nothing....until a parcel arrived with the tracksuit in but no directions or instructions. Eventually it was all sorted and I headed to Formby to wait with all his family and friends. It was really wonderful to drive past all the crowds and I could not resist giving a little wave Queenie style to all the school kids waiting!

Don't forget to click on any of the images to see them full size

First the police and the sponsors came past .....

And the flag sellers were out in force!

Phils family were patiently waiting for him

and then the crowds started to get very excited as the bus arrived with the next runners and suddenly there was Phil!

And as he passed the flame over this happened! Don't worry - he was not really on fire!!!!

And this is my favourite image - of Joanna and the kids following, photographing, videoing and being so very proud all at the same time 

And this looks like the best photography job I have seen!

A huge Congratulations to Phil for running with the torch and being part of this amazing event and to all the other runners around the country - even I am starting to get into the spirit of the Olympics now!
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