Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone..... I have not sent Christmas cards for about 3 years now and so this is my card to you all! I would love to tell you that the reason I don't send cards is to minimise my carbon footprint but actually its because year after year I would write them and then forget to send them! My family are very aware that it is a miracle if their birthday cards arrive on time never mind Christmas cards.... sorry Mum and Dad - I promise to try harder next year!

So a good friend of mine Mandy Dunbar - she is the owner of the amazing levitating wellies in a previous Blog post introduced me to Oxfam unwrapped and so instead of cards I now make a specific donation to Oxfam.... last year I bought a goat (very hard to wrap) and this year I have made a donation to sponsor the training of a teacher.

This year has been amazing, the Walkabouts have been inspirational and I have made the most amazing friendships and learned so much from everyone. I have become a full time photographer after taking voluntary redundancy....... this is still a very scary place to be and I am so grateful for all the help and support that I have been given by friends and family. I have worked with stunning models who are more than willing to put up with my crazy ideas..... barbed wire fences to climb over.....boudoir sessions outdoors with leaves......chickens, horses, helium ballons, pink wigs, wedding dresses, ballet shoes, snow.... the list is endless and I thank all of them for putting up with me on my steep learning curve. Thank you Tabitha, Heather, Lucy, Thomas, Dan, Emma and Kayleigh Jo.
I also want to thank Lucy Barcas not only for her fantastic make up skills but also her willingness to act as a reflector holder, stylist and general assistant .... including getting rid of the evidence after the little incident in the hotel!
Warren.... what can I say, one of the kindest and most generous souls I have met, your daily quotes make me smile. I wish you every success this year.
Claire and Andrea should need no introductions, we only met this year but feels like we have known each other forever - I truly value our crazy 3 way Facebook chats!
John Le Fevbre...... thank you...thank you.... thank you.... you saved my life when I dropped my hard drive and did not tell me off!
I know that I have not mentioned everyone by name who has been part of my life this year -please don't be offended xxxx

I cannot wait for 2011....more Walkabouts, the Photo Camp, more friends to discover and more cake to eat

Onwards and upwards xxxxx

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


As some of you may be aware, until recently I was a University Lecturer and have taken the plunge into photography. I have to admit that I miss my lovely students and so I was really pleased when one of them - Jordan - approached me to have a photoshoot for not other reason than to make her feel gorgeous. I love this as a reason .... sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are gorgeous and wonderful and what better way than to have some beautiful photographs taken. Now I think I have some insight into Jordans personality after teaching her.... I know her crazy friends, Danni - (apologies for my spelling), and Louise, I know that she had a party last night for her birthday which included pass the parcel, face painting and vodka jelly.....what a combination and I know she loves all things retro and vintage.... and I am hoping that I have captured some of this in the images. Oh and yes this is Winter - she is wearing shorts, a festive jumper and holly in her hair!

Do me a favour chaps.....if you like these images will you leave me a little comment - I know Jordan would love to know what you think too xx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dawn at Liverpool One

I met Dawn when I was photographing a Charity fashion show a couple of weeks ago and she approached me to do a photoshoot with her. We decided to use Liverpool One as our base... I have been wanting to do a shoot here for ages, and it seemed like a perfect location for Dawn who is extremely stylish and loves fashion.... it was actuually quite difficult at times to get her to be able to walk past the shops!!

We started off in the gorgeous car park - yes I did say gorgeous... the light is stunning and each level is lit in different colours! Dawn then got braver and we moved out into the main shopping area with all the Christmas shoppers facinated with what we were doing........ we had a few offers from chaps walking by.....offerring to model for us!

Dawn - you were brilliant to work with and look absolutely gorgeous! Hope you like your sneeky peeks

If you would like to book a photoshoot like Dawns feel free to give me a shout!  I am taking bookings for January now

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A walk in the park........

When Kayleigh Jo .... who was the first model I ever worked with, as if I would photograph her daughter I was so pleased. Little did I know that Sky is a Diva in the making and made me work! She is 6 years old and had me wrapped aound her little finger all morning in Sefton Park. I was allowed to take photographs between Micheal Jackson impressions..... running around the trees and the most impressive burps ever to come out of a child!

The weather in Liverpool could not have been better - frost on the ground and  gentle sunlight. Sefton Park is beautiful in any weather but looked even better with its frosty covering. Sky danced and sang and ran races hoping that we would join in......she showed off the poses she had been practicing with Mum the night before and pulled the best faces on command!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day....

Thank you to Kayleigh Jo and to Sky....... 2 beautiful and very talented ladies

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Some of you may recognise Lucy from our trip to France......when we came back she asked if we could do another shoot together and today was the day....yes today in the snow and the freezing temperatures! 

Lucy is an amazing singer and we both love Taylor Swift and so we decided to do a shoot inspired by her, ready for when Lucy releases her first album... we headed to my favourite farm and between cups of tea we managed to get some great shots.

Lucy was brilliant, she was freezing but kept thinking of.....well I am not sure what she was thinking of to keep warm but it put a smile on her face!

Thank you Lucy for a great afternoon, thank you to Lucys Dad for the loan of the gorgeous guitar and thank you as always to Farmer Brian and the girls at the Haylofyt in Lydiate for making us so welcome and allowing Lucy to climb on the farm machinery!

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