Wednesday, 15 December 2010


As some of you may be aware, until recently I was a University Lecturer and have taken the plunge into photography. I have to admit that I miss my lovely students and so I was really pleased when one of them - Jordan - approached me to have a photoshoot for not other reason than to make her feel gorgeous. I love this as a reason .... sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are gorgeous and wonderful and what better way than to have some beautiful photographs taken. Now I think I have some insight into Jordans personality after teaching her.... I know her crazy friends, Danni - (apologies for my spelling), and Louise, I know that she had a party last night for her birthday which included pass the parcel, face painting and vodka jelly.....what a combination and I know she loves all things retro and vintage.... and I am hoping that I have captured some of this in the images. Oh and yes this is Winter - she is wearing shorts, a festive jumper and holly in her hair!

Do me a favour chaps.....if you like these images will you leave me a little comment - I know Jordan would love to know what you think too xx

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LeFebvre Photography said...

My fave one is the 4th pic of Jordan looking up! Good work as always Jo! xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! 4th and 5th my faves


Helen McNicholas said...

Fantastic pics Jo - and I love Jordan's look. Great stuff :-) x

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

ooh love them all...but if I had to pick......hhhmmmm...she rock's number 3

Jordan Ozmaya said...

i love them all jo they are amazing :) and thanks for the lovely comments, made my day :)

Jordan xx

Anonymous said...

Great shots Jo. Particularly love 3 and 4 :-)

Vicky Sudbury

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