Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone..... I have not sent Christmas cards for about 3 years now and so this is my card to you all! I would love to tell you that the reason I don't send cards is to minimise my carbon footprint but actually its because year after year I would write them and then forget to send them! My family are very aware that it is a miracle if their birthday cards arrive on time never mind Christmas cards.... sorry Mum and Dad - I promise to try harder next year!

So a good friend of mine Mandy Dunbar - she is the owner of the amazing levitating wellies in a previous Blog post introduced me to Oxfam unwrapped and so instead of cards I now make a specific donation to Oxfam.... last year I bought a goat (very hard to wrap) and this year I have made a donation to sponsor the training of a teacher.

This year has been amazing, the Walkabouts have been inspirational and I have made the most amazing friendships and learned so much from everyone. I have become a full time photographer after taking voluntary redundancy....... this is still a very scary place to be and I am so grateful for all the help and support that I have been given by friends and family. I have worked with stunning models who are more than willing to put up with my crazy ideas..... barbed wire fences to climb over.....boudoir sessions outdoors with leaves......chickens, horses, helium ballons, pink wigs, wedding dresses, ballet shoes, snow.... the list is endless and I thank all of them for putting up with me on my steep learning curve. Thank you Tabitha, Heather, Lucy, Thomas, Dan, Emma and Kayleigh Jo.
I also want to thank Lucy Barcas not only for her fantastic make up skills but also her willingness to act as a reflector holder, stylist and general assistant .... including getting rid of the evidence after the little incident in the hotel!
Warren.... what can I say, one of the kindest and most generous souls I have met, your daily quotes make me smile. I wish you every success this year.
Claire and Andrea should need no introductions, we only met this year but feels like we have known each other forever - I truly value our crazy 3 way Facebook chats!
John Le Fevbre...... thank you...thank you.... thank you.... you saved my life when I dropped my hard drive and did not tell me off!
I know that I have not mentioned everyone by name who has been part of my life this year -please don't be offended xxxx

I cannot wait for 2011....more Walkabouts, the Photo Camp, more friends to discover and more cake to eat

Onwards and upwards xxxxx

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


As some of you may be aware, until recently I was a University Lecturer and have taken the plunge into photography. I have to admit that I miss my lovely students and so I was really pleased when one of them - Jordan - approached me to have a photoshoot for not other reason than to make her feel gorgeous. I love this as a reason .... sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are gorgeous and wonderful and what better way than to have some beautiful photographs taken. Now I think I have some insight into Jordans personality after teaching her.... I know her crazy friends, Danni - (apologies for my spelling), and Louise, I know that she had a party last night for her birthday which included pass the parcel, face painting and vodka jelly.....what a combination and I know she loves all things retro and vintage.... and I am hoping that I have captured some of this in the images. Oh and yes this is Winter - she is wearing shorts, a festive jumper and holly in her hair!

Do me a favour chaps.....if you like these images will you leave me a little comment - I know Jordan would love to know what you think too xx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dawn at Liverpool One

I met Dawn when I was photographing a Charity fashion show a couple of weeks ago and she approached me to do a photoshoot with her. We decided to use Liverpool One as our base... I have been wanting to do a shoot here for ages, and it seemed like a perfect location for Dawn who is extremely stylish and loves fashion.... it was actuually quite difficult at times to get her to be able to walk past the shops!!

We started off in the gorgeous car park - yes I did say gorgeous... the light is stunning and each level is lit in different colours! Dawn then got braver and we moved out into the main shopping area with all the Christmas shoppers facinated with what we were doing........ we had a few offers from chaps walking by.....offerring to model for us!

Dawn - you were brilliant to work with and look absolutely gorgeous! Hope you like your sneeky peeks

If you would like to book a photoshoot like Dawns feel free to give me a shout!  I am taking bookings for January now

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A walk in the park........

When Kayleigh Jo .... who was the first model I ever worked with, as if I would photograph her daughter I was so pleased. Little did I know that Sky is a Diva in the making and made me work! She is 6 years old and had me wrapped aound her little finger all morning in Sefton Park. I was allowed to take photographs between Micheal Jackson impressions..... running around the trees and the most impressive burps ever to come out of a child!

The weather in Liverpool could not have been better - frost on the ground and  gentle sunlight. Sefton Park is beautiful in any weather but looked even better with its frosty covering. Sky danced and sang and ran races hoping that we would join in......she showed off the poses she had been practicing with Mum the night before and pulled the best faces on command!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day....

Thank you to Kayleigh Jo and to Sky....... 2 beautiful and very talented ladies

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Some of you may recognise Lucy from our trip to France......when we came back she asked if we could do another shoot together and today was the day....yes today in the snow and the freezing temperatures! 

Lucy is an amazing singer and we both love Taylor Swift and so we decided to do a shoot inspired by her, ready for when Lucy releases her first album... we headed to my favourite farm and between cups of tea we managed to get some great shots.

Lucy was brilliant, she was freezing but kept thinking of.....well I am not sure what she was thinking of to keep warm but it put a smile on her face!

Thank you Lucy for a great afternoon, thank you to Lucys Dad for the loan of the gorgeous guitar and thank you as always to Farmer Brian and the girls at the Haylofyt in Lydiate for making us so welcome and allowing Lucy to climb on the farm machinery!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Photo Camp 2011

Some of you are aware that over the last few months I have organised the Walkabouts - a really informal gathering of photographer, make up artists, stylists and models - the idea behind this was a selfish one - I wanted to pick the brains of other photographers and get loads of practice doing portraits. I always wanted these events to be accesible to all, regardless of the kit you have or the level of experience - the main requirements were enthusiasm and a willingness to share.

After a lot of thinking I have decided to do something a little different over the Winter. On the 5th and 6th of Febraury 2011 I will be holding the first PhotoCamp in Southport! I am afraid that this one is just for the girls....... and  chaps, you cannot shave your legs, wear a dress and come along! There are a couple of reasons for the girls only... the main one is the logistics of where we are holding it - its at  Waterside Lodge and the accommodation is bunk beds in dorms - perfect for midnight feasts !

So, here are the details
Who is it aimed at? I feel that this course is aimed at any of you who are fairly new to the photography business, whether you have been doing it part time for a while or whether you are just starting to dip your toes in the water. I also think it woulsd be great if more experienced photographers came along and joined in, to share their experiences too 

The aim of the weekend is to get together to share ideas, network, eat cake (obviously) , learn some new skills, and gain confidence in the skills you already have. This is not  a taught course - I am not a tutor - I strongly believe that we all have something to offer and I know I have the experience of the Walkabouts and I will provide the opportunities to take part in a photoshoot with great models, to have discussions and structured sessions on what its like to set up in business, the importance of marketing and branding. I want everyone to leave on the Sunday afternoon with a little more confidence in their own ability, with a new support network they can call on and feel inspired for the year ahead.Think of this as time out from your day to day stuff, time to immerse yourself in what you love

The cost of the weekend is £150 and this includes overnight accommodation, refreshments, lunch both days, breakfast on the Sunday, dinner at a chinese restaurant and 10 pin bowling on the Saturday night. Places are limited to 20 and in order to reserve your place I do require a deposit of £50 and the balance will need to be paid 2 weeks before the event - don't worry, I will remind you!

So..... are you interested? Do you have some ideas that you would like to see included on the weekend.Leave me your comments and suggestions on here 

Contact me on to get a booking form - if you would then like to book you will need to send the form back to me with a cheque for the deposit.

I wanted to put an image up which links to this post but couldn't find one so I decided to put up my favourite image of the year - very self indulgant I know!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

A walk on the beach

Now I love the beach and love the fact that I live near the beach and so when Kath asked for a family photoshoot at Ainsdale I jumped at the chance. However I forgot just for a moment that it is nearly the end of November, its cold and very windy down there! Luckily we managed to find some sheltered areas in the sand dunes and Kath Adam, Emma, Jenny and Sophie the dog braved the freezing weather and were great fun, even when Sophie decided she had had enough and went for a wander in the sand dunes - small dog.....long grass......we found her eventually!

Here are a couple of sneaky peeks from the afternoon

If you would like to brave the chilly weather and book a photoshoot in the next couple of weeks then give me a shout - just think - thats some Christmas presents sorted for the family!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

The Help Portrait project.....I need your ideas

I love photography, yes it verges on an obsession I know! One of the main reasons I love it is the way in which a photograph records something special, a family event, friends being together, love. There is something amazing about the emotions that can be triggered by looking at a photograph.

I came across a website last year which intrigued me  it is the Help Portrait organisation set up in America by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart. This year I want to be involved and I really need your help. On Saturday December 4th I will have a camera, empty memory cards, and a ton of enthusiasm to photograph people who would never even dream of having a portrait taken and this is where you come in. I would love ideas of who I should photograph on the day, do you know of a community group, hospice, or family who would really enjoy having some photographs taken but for various reasons have never had the chance? This is not an opportunity to grab a free portrait session, it is also not about me building my own portfolio , it is truly about wanting to use the skills I have to support someone else.

There will be no charge for the session, there will be no charge for the prints and the disc of images - strange idea I know but I truly believe in this project.

So, its over to you, will you have a really good think of groups, or of families, or individual people who maybe have had a tough year and a fun photo session would be a small help in making them smile and boosting their confidence? I would really like this to be in Southport and Formby area - so get thinking and e mail me on with your ideas.

Oh and if you are a photographer reading this ........ you could join in too?????????

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Christmas is coming!

 I looked on my eBay account this morning looking for bargains as usual and was shocked to see that there are only 39 days to Christmas!!! How did that come round so quickly? Are you the type of person who buys all their presents for the next year in the January sales, has them wrapped by October and then looks smug while the rest of us are running around like lunatics in the middle of December? If you are then this Blog post is not for you...... go on , off you go and have a cup of tea and feel all warm inside.....

Right, for those of you who are still here, I have a couple of ideas to make Christmas present buying much easier for you this year, do you have teenagers...... how about treating them to a fashion style photoshoot? They can choose their outfits, hats, jewellery, accessories and have  a great time on location , they have a great time and then you have photographs to use as presents for all the family - a win win situation!

Or how about a special treat for your partner - this one is for the girls - a Boudoir style photoshoot , you get to have a great time and feel pampered and your partner gets to see you looking stunning!

I have Gift Vouchers which can be redeemed against a photoshoot  - perfect stocking fillers for all those hard to please people!

There are loads of reasons to book a photoshoot..... family get togethers, anniversaries, getting engaged, birthdays, or just because you want to have some amazing images of you and your family. Whatever the occasion why not give me a shout? There is just enough time before Christmas to get a session booked so don't delay - the man in the big red suit will be here sooner than you think.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Next year Mum you are getting smellies for your Birthday!'

So, my lovely friend Mandy told me that her Mum - who is also very lovely - had asked for a family photoshoot as a Birthday we are not asking whether this is a significant Birthday! 
The only day that everyone could get together was yesterday, not the day before when the sun was shining or even today when the weather is glorious, yesterday....let me paint a picture for you, wind, rain, horizontal rain, wind, cold, dark, an empty park and a gorgeous 2 and a half year old who had wellies on and was not afraid to test them to their limit.
So here are the results, including the amazing levitating Mandy in the first image - captured mid jump - I decided that this photoshoot was actually an excuse for all the family to jump in puddles, I was the only dry one by the end of the session!  By the time we had finished Regan had the contents of all the puddles in her wellies and my fingers were numb - hence Mandy deciding that next year she is going to buy her Mum some lovely smellies for her Birthday, or we are going to let her have an official Birthday like the Queen .......but in the middle of the summer
The amazing levitating Mandy!
Playing hide and seek

I did ask them all to jump and then realised they couldn't as they were stuck in the mud!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Curve: The loveliest distance between two points. Mae West

As promised, part 2 of the Boudoir Photography leaves, trees or cold bottoms this time you will be glad to hear!
I love the quote from Mae West, curves are great and they are what make women beautiful.My other favourite quote is ' The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself' Elizabeth Metcalf. Anyone who knows me will be able to testify that I hate having my photograph taken and so I completely understand it when people say that they also hate it. Thats makes the subject of Boudoir photography quite tricky to sell to people, not only are they having their photograph taken but they are nearly nude!

So, I wanted to dispel some myths about this, Boudoir photography sessions are great fun, you do not need to expose anything you don't want of my lovely ladies kept her jeans on throughout the session and the images are beautiful, its all about the teasing, the promise of what there might be!

As I have said before, we all have issues with our bodies, how we look, or more to the point, how we think we look, I now  want you to think about what your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband thinks of you and how they love evry bit of you especially the curves, so stop worrying - easier said than done - and think about booking a Boudoir Photography session............ you never know you might enjoy it, and you will certainly enjoy the reaction you get when you show your Significant Other the images!!!! This could be the best Christmas present ever!


Monday, 1 November 2010


What an afternoon! I spent a fantastic couple of hours with Amber and her Mum Lynsey in the park. I would like to think that I am getting the hang of this photography lark, I have worked with fabulous models, but nothing prepared me for little Miss Dynamite. Amber was very specific about what we were going to do, we had to look for butterflies, ladybirds and the odd dragon or 2 along the way. She was brilliant, full of energy, the best smile I have seen in ages and I am now shattered! So we looked for butterflies and lady birds - neither made an appearance but we did find the dragon and made wishes on leaves falling from the trees .
Amber sang and danced her way around the park and then decided that she deserved a present as she had been so good! I had to agree with her..... thank you Amber for making me smile, laugh and for making me get more exercise than I have had in ages  xx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

France - part deux

Wow, 2 Blog posts in one day - I am truly on a roll!!
So, here are some more images from our little trip - looking back at the images I am amazed how many different 'looks' we managed to achieve in short spaces of time, change of location and a change of outfit resulted in a completely different feel to the photographs and thats the real reason I love working outdoors, yes it can be cold and wet but the images will always be truly unique. Don't get me wrong , if Santa would like to bring me a fully fitted out studio in a beautiful location I would not say no but for the time being I will carry on using available light, dodging raindrops and losing the feeling in my fingers from the cold. 

So don't be put off about booking a Winter portrait session - be brave and you never know ....... the sun might just shine
Enjoy a little taste of France

Boudoir with attitude!

A Boudoir is a ladys private bedroom, sitting or dressing room.....I got this information from Wikipedia and I ask forgiveness from my past students for this - how many times did I tell them never to go near the site!

Boudoir style photography is becoming more and more popular, ladies have a photo session , hair and make up done and have the opportunity to go away with a huge confidence boost and some great images to surprise their boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, Boss or whoever!

I love this style of photography and now offer Boudoir photography sessions - if you would like to give your Partner a very special preset for Christmas or their Birthday and have a wonderful time in the process then get in touch. In the next week or so I will put some more images on here of recent sessions so that you get the idea, but for now I wanted to share Heathers Beautiful Boudoir session which we did in France last week - how stunning does she look, yes it was cold, yes those are real leaves and yes she was lying in the middle of an orchard but I hope that you agree that it was worth it and I know Heather loved doing this!

Don't worry, I wont make you do your Boudoir session in the forest.......unless you are brave and really really want to!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A French adventure

When Tabitha mentioned that she has an Aunt that lives in rural France and then asked the question 'Shall we pop over there to do a photo shoot?' I hesitated.... actually thats a big lie - I jumped at the chance and so the flights were booked and off we went, Tabitha, Heather and Lucy and me. The trip started with Tabitha and Lucy trying to sneak 16 kilos of luggage through the airport and having to repack their stuff, then there was the 'interesting' landing at Limoges, I think that the Pilot sneezed as we landed with a mighty bump!
The journey to Sues house was awful, there were farmhouses, barns, old buildings and châteaux at every turn of the road and I was dying to get out of the car and start snapping away, but a couple of glasses of wine later and I was fine!

The next couple of days were a blur of ideas, outfit changes, wine, hot tub, early mornings, horses, chickens and my first shooting star. On the first day we used Sues gorgeous house, barn and gardens to do the photo shoots and on the second day we traveled to Brontome, a beautiful town, known as the Venice of the Charente.

There are so many images from these few days, and here are just a few, I really want to thank Tabitha for this brilliant idea and for being as gorgeous as ever, Heather and Lucy for being brilliant models for me , Sue for putting up with all of us, Woody the cockerel, Meridian the horse and Dolly the 2CV who all featured in photo shoots.

So thats Part  1 of our French adventure, it would be lovely for you to leave some comments on here for the girls, they did work so hard while we were there, Tabitha cooked for us, Lucy planned how she was going to use the images for the front cover of her first album and Heather.... well lets just say Heather did an alternative outdoor Boudoir shoot.........but thats for next time .
Au revoir!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I was having a look through some images this evening and came across these. I photographed Kayleigh Jo and Nicola this summer, both of them were kind enough to let me practice my portrait photography and they were fantastic to work with.
I love photographing people and women in particular, mainly because I know how rubbish I am at having my photograph taken - like sooooo many photographers I know! I know what its like to have hang ups, to not always feel beautiful and I have to say, the best bit of photographing women is when they say 'I quite enjoyed that' or 'I don't look too bad , do I?'

Now I know what you are going to say - these 2 girls are stunning, they shouldn't have any worries about how they look, you are going to say that its different for you because you have 3 chins, a big spot on the end of your nose, or are having a bad hair day.......... just remember that you are beautiful, and I want you to see that for yourself, I want you to look at the photographs I take of you and adore them and in a small way, you will start to adore yourself

So if you want a brilliant few hours, having a giggle, playing on a beach, or exploring the forest , taking some time out just for you, and ending up with photographs that will always remind you just how gorgeous you actually are, then be brave, drop me a line and book a session now.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

My new Blog!

Happy Sunday! Welcome to my lovely new Blog cleverly designed by Rita at Ritas Coffee Shop. make sure you pop along and see all the amazing Photoshop goodies she designs.

So, a little bit about me, I have been a part time photographer for about 2 years now and this week I take the plunge and become full time after taking voluntary redundancy, I love being outdoors, taking photographs using whatever light I can find, red wine, chocolate, and movies that have serial killers or zombies in them...... maybe I should not have said that out loud ! 

I  am often asked what do I like to photograph, and this makes me smile when I think of the things that I have been involved with, photographing 1000 Brownies on the beach from a Microlight, photographing gorgeous models for their portfolios, beautiful babies, Harley Davidson motorbikes,  being part of the most amazing weddings - including ending up as the Chief Bridesmaid at one recently! So at the moment I refuse to specialise in case I miss out on something interesting. I am also passionate about sharing and collaborating with other photographers and organise 'Walkabouts', informal get-togethers with photographers, make up artists, and models and I am aiming for these to continue in the Spring.

Anyway, enough waffle for now, keep popping back to see what I am up to and feel free to leave a comment or 2 xxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

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