Monday, 1 November 2010


What an afternoon! I spent a fantastic couple of hours with Amber and her Mum Lynsey in the park. I would like to think that I am getting the hang of this photography lark, I have worked with fabulous models, but nothing prepared me for little Miss Dynamite. Amber was very specific about what we were going to do, we had to look for butterflies, ladybirds and the odd dragon or 2 along the way. She was brilliant, full of energy, the best smile I have seen in ages and I am now shattered! So we looked for butterflies and lady birds - neither made an appearance but we did find the dragon and made wishes on leaves falling from the trees .
Amber sang and danced her way around the park and then decided that she deserved a present as she had been so good! I had to agree with her..... thank you Amber for making me smile, laugh and for making me get more exercise than I have had in ages  xx

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Claire Penn Photography said...

Beautiful Jo - top right is my absolute favourite. I love the outfits too! It's tiring running around after them but so worth it. :)

scifibooknut said...

Great captures... she looks like a model in the making...

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

LORDY LORDY ........they are adorable....she is just gorgeous......fab shots Jo....really really lovely x

Katrin said...

Oh I love the one with the wooly hat where she's looking up.
Great pictures!

Ewan Wells said...

They are all stunning....but I am her dad so am not impartial. Thank you Jo for bringing out the best in her in your brilliant work.

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