Friday, 18 May 2012

Lets dance for fear tonight is all

This is about teamwork, about creativity and about 3 photographers, a model, a make up artist and a dingy old building! Its about building on an idea, about trying to tell a story through photography, its about friends working together in the midst of mould, pigeons, mysterious footsteps, and a building full of memories. Its about hot water bottles, cans of spray fog, top hats, a SMART car full to the brim of props on a big adventure. 

Click on any of the images if you would like to see them larger - and please leave a comment if you like what we have done - it would mean a lot 

So here goes.........the story of a girl,who loved to dance.....who was left behind.....still hearing the music when everyone had left , who waited for the day when she could dance for her audience again

'How can you see into my eyes like open doors, 
leading you down into my core where I've become numb
without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it and lead it back home'
                         Evernescence - Bring me to life

'Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music' anon

She practiced, in rooms full of decay, surrounded by the remnants of the music scores and the flowers that her admirers once threw on stage, 

......and then .......  she stopped and seemed to realise she was alone, that the audience had left and she started to be afraid 

She started looking for a way out ........... but it was not going to be easy

'we dance for laughter, 
 we dance for tears
 we dance for madness
 we dance for fears
 we dance for hopes
 we dance for screams
 we are the dancers
                     we create the dreams' Unknown  

 I thinks she's going to be just fine....don't you?

Thank you so much to the amazing team who worked on the project 

To Tracey Barrow who is mainly responsible for this crazy and amazing day Tracey Barrow Photography

to the lovely Chrissy Mathew  - have a look at her Blog here Chrissy Mathew Photography

to Zana O'Connell - our beautiful dancer Zana O'Connell

and to Laura for her incredible make up and ability to hold a reflector like a pro!!! Laura Walton Make up

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Photography workshops

Hello again - its almost the end of another week and Summer is still trying to make an entrance! A bit of a different post for you this evening - I wanted to let you know a little more about the Photography Workshops that I have run over the past few months and also to update you on what I have planned.

The workshops started after a groups of likeminded photographers wanted to get together and just practice their skills, learn some new skills and generally just get out and shoot! The size of the groups got bigger , we got models and make up artists involved and the biggest one consisted of over 50 people - yes there was an element of chaos and I did live on diet Coke all day and buzzed all evening! 

So they became more structured and I ran 2 at the amazing Victoria Baths in Manchester which were true highlights of the year for me, I also ran them at the Farm in Lydiate where I was based last Summer.

So whats the point of them? I always say that there is no formal tuition on the  Walkabouts - I am certainly not a Photography Tutor but I am pretty good at the basics, I know that people have gained so much from attending the Walkabouts - its a stress free day, a play day with your camera, the chance to work with experienced models and make up artists - all you need to do is turn up and shoot! I always make sure that the groups are small enough that you are not elbowing your way through to get a shot and in the past we have even had a 'Newbies' group  of people who have not done very much portrait photography - will a little bit of hand holding at the start to give them the confidence through the day. I love it when I get home and the images start appearing on Facebook - to know that people have gained confidence and had a great time is a huge bonus of the day 

So the next Walkabout is on Sunday 27th May - its going to be held at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool - an industrial location where Google have held a launch in the past - the extra benefit of this location is that the cost of the Walkabout includes Sunday Lunch! And we have dresses supplied by Andrea from Petticoats - a - Plenty - gorgeous Vintage style Wedding Dresses 

Let me answer the questions that I am always asked .... The cost of the day is just £75 and this covers the cost of the venue etc and also includes a roast dinner!

Yes you can use the images from the day for your portfolio/ website etc

Yes there will be experienced photographers there for you to pick their brains!

Yes you do need to have a little experience to come along - BUT it is really more important for you to have a real interest in photography and enthusiasm to come and have a go!

Heres some images from previous Walkabouts just to whet your appetite

If you would like to book a place - drop me a message with your e mail - or find me on Facebook - just look for Jo Rutherford Photography

See you soon!!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

You are Beautiful xxx

Women, we are gorgeous, we are curvy and luscious and pretty and strong but how often do we try and convince ourselves that this is not the case? How many times do we worry about our wobbly bits, crinkles and creases and what we think we see in the mirror? I have so many women putting off photoshoots until they have lost a certain amount of weight, or say that they are not brave enough, or pretty enough, or photogenic, they even struggle to be on family photographs which is something I think they will look back on in years to come and be a little sad.

 I am going to reveal a secret now - you will never feel you are pretty enough, you will never feel that you have lost the right amount of weight........ there will never be the 'right ' time to have a photoshoot - but you are gorgeous, and sometimes you may need a little time out, some pampering and attention , just to help you to realise this - and this is where I come in!

Recently I went to  ASPIRE , a fabulous photographic training centre in Cumbria to learn more about Boudoir photography from the very lovely and talented Kate Hopewell - Smith. I already love to photograph women and these 2 lovely ladies came to me recently for a shoot

But I wanted to offer my lovely ladies more..... more pampering.....more loveliness...and thats why I wanted to explore Boudoir photography. I want to show you the images that I took on the day - I want to tell you that these are 'real' girls - not models - they had hang ups, they were nervous and they loved it.

So - tell me what you think - is this something you would love to do? Are you getting married and would like a lovely little album to give to your husband on your Wedding Day, are you celebrating something - or would you just like to have some time out and look and feel even more amazing than usual?

If so I would love to hear from you and would certainly love to start planning your photoshoot.

Jo xxxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

A little bit of Vintage and a purple hat

I spent yesterday with Lisa, a friend and a fellow photographer so you can imagine how much chatting went on ....especially about geeky camera stuff....plenty of coffee was also consumed and plans were made fore some great personal projects this year. I love the chance to work with other photographers, I may be an only child but sometimes I can share and play well with others! Personal projects and play days are great, no pressure, a chance to practice new skills and bounce ideas off each other

So we booked a great model - Carla - who is very experienced and absolutely lovely - and headed off for the afternoon in the sunshine. Now, I have lots and lots of props and plenty of them came in the car with us but the purple hat was pounced on by Carla and I am surprised it didn't end up in her bag at the end of the day!!!

So what did I get out of this, I tried new poses, used the available light in different ways, played with shadows, used pieces of material to diffuse the light and make it softer, everything I tried taught me something that I can use when I am photographing my lovely clients and will help me to be a better photographer.

So here are the results - click on any of the images to see them bigger

Thank you to Carla for being patient, professional and amazing to photograph and to Lisa for being a good friend and bringing great coffee....which you left behind so will be enjoyed by me this week!!!!

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