Sunday, 26 June 2011


So....I had a message on Facebook yesterday 'What on earth is a Walkabout and can I came and play!' I love that - they have no idea what we do but have seen the images and want to come too.... so I thought I would let you know a little bit more......are you sitting comfortably - then I will begin!

About 18 months ago a small group of budding photographers and a couple of gorgeous models decided to meet in Southport to practice portrait photography, it was cold, dark and we only had the local McDonalds to head to for coffee and for the models to get changed but after it had finished I started getting requests to do another one....and another one! By the end of the summer the small group had grown to nearly 50 people - models, make up artists, stylists who got together for a crazy day of photography and cake.... cake is always a feature of the appears to help with creativity!

 And so the Walkabouts have evolved over the year and now they are more structured and smaller groups so that every photographer who comes along always gets plenty of time an opportunity to work with each of the models. I  start the day by chatting to the group and getting a feel of their levels of experience and then splitting them into small groups. If a group feels that they would like some tutoring then I will spend some time with them looking at camera settings, use of natural light and an introduction to portrait photography.
I also try and challenge the delegates to set themselves a goal for the day - it might be working with a model, experimenting with camera settings or using natural light.

Dan had brought some cards and spent ages flicking them in the air for us to capture....Dan is now Mr International Liverpool and has a Facebook fan page - I would really appreciate it if you would pop along and say hi...he is signed to a model agency and has some amazing portfolio images on his page - well worth looking at

This is Tomas a talented model and performer.... who can jump higher than anyone I know !

Claire and John were amazing - they only came to the farm yesterday to but some fruit and veg and were willing models for us! Claire was a little nervous about having her photograph taken without any make up on but I am sure that you will agree that she did not have anything to worry about!

Luke .... what can I say about Luke - he never stops smiling - until you ask for the mean and moody look and then he looks amazing - he is hoping to do some modelling work in the future and if you are interested in working with him then give me a shout and I will pass your details to him
Corinne, who is an extremely talented make up artist came up with this idea, a poker game in one of the barns - I have to say that the acting talents of all the models were put to good use here!

So here are a few more details, I charge just £30 for the day - this is not a teaching workshop, it is an opportunity to spend the day trying new things, sharing skills and experiences and making new friends. I am based in Lydiate  on a lovely farm. Lydiate is about 6 miles from Southport and the postcode of the Farm is L31 4HD if you want to start planning your trip! There is a gorgeous cafe next door for lunch and refreshments and the Scotch Piper pub is next door - the oldest pub in Lancashire!

I am planning more Walkabouts and events - I have had requests for organising a day with a small group and a very experienced model and have also had requests for stylised photoshoots..... hopefully I can arrange something over the summer. I am also planning another trip to the Victoria Baths in Manchester and there is a previous Blog entry about our last workshop there.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along yesterday - the models were fabulous, the group had so much energy and enthusiasm and the lovely Corinne worked her make up magic again - if you are ever looking for a make up artist then I can highly recommend her - this is the link to her facebook page where you can see her portfolio Corinne Make up artist

I also want to thank everyone who has ever been on a Walkabout - I have made so many friends, learned so much from everyone and have always been amazed at the level of talent and the willingness to share

If you would like to keep up to date on events - the best way to do this is via my facebook page Jo Rutherford Photography. I hope to see you soon!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gabrielles modelling portfolio day

Gabrielle Louise is a model.....she has a great portfolio and has worked with amazing pressure there then for me to add to what she already has! Luckily I got the chance to work with  an extremely talented and creative make up artist - Donna Graham who seems to be able to create anything out of bits of paper and sticky back plastic!

We spent the day working together to get a range of images for Gabrielle.....we started with simple beauty make up to get some strong headshots

We then wandered along the track behind the farm, with a ton of props - my idea for the next images was Gabrielle hitch hiking along a bleak highway....I watch far too many movies!

We then really got the creative juices flowing and the girls loved using the props and outfits that I have collected to create a new twist on an outfit I have used in a previous photoshoot - Donna suddenly turned the skirt inside out..... scrunched up a section into a flower and also donated her fabulous Dr Martins boots to add to the outfit - marvellous!

We wanted a darker edgier feel to the last set of images, so Donna worked her magic and my clothes rail was raided again - and of course there had to be balloons - they have not featured in any of my photoshoots recently and I was missing them!

We finished the day with some more headshots and I love looking at the contrast from the original images at the beginning of the day to these, I think they really show Donnas skill both as a Make up artist and a stylist. 

Now I know what you are thinking ...... you are wondering how you could have images like these either for a modelling portfolio......or as a present for someone???? Its really really easy - drop me an e mail at or head over to my Facebook Page - Jo Rutherford Photography and leave me a message.

A fashion style photoshoot would be the ideal present for school leavers this year - have you got teenagers in the family - exams have finished....Proms are being planned - how about a Photoshoot as a fantastic leaving present ????? 

Now don't forget - don't just click and run - leave me some love - the girls worked incredibly hard yesterday and would love to know what you think of the results. 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pretty in Pink

I had the pleasure of photographing 2 gorgeous girls this morning at the Farm. Apparently they had been so excited about getting their photograph taken they had been planning outfits for a week! 

The weather threatened to spoil the day with threats of rain  but the girls didn't seem to notice as we went for a walk around the farm  looking for peacock and ducklings and sneaking into the farmers fields to find the poppies although Jessica was more interested in the dandelion that she found which had to be put into water when we got back and then wrapped carefully for the trip home!

It was really lovely to watch these two together, they were sweet and kind with each other and after a shy start they very quickly loved having their photograph taken - I love photoshoots like this - the photography is just part of the fun that they are having.
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