Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pretty in Pink

I had the pleasure of photographing 2 gorgeous girls this morning at the Farm. Apparently they had been so excited about getting their photograph taken they had been planning outfits for a week! 

The weather threatened to spoil the day with threats of rain  but the girls didn't seem to notice as we went for a walk around the farm  looking for peacock and ducklings and sneaking into the farmers fields to find the poppies although Jessica was more interested in the dandelion that she found which had to be put into water when we got back and then wrapped carefully for the trip home!

It was really lovely to watch these two together, they were sweet and kind with each other and after a shy start they very quickly loved having their photograph taken - I love photoshoots like this - the photography is just part of the fun that they are having.
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boo said...

Jo, these are gorgeous pics! Love the light and the pop of your colours!!! xx

Sara said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, Jo x

Claire Penn Photography said...

HOW beautiful, each and every photo... I bet Mum & Dad are utterly thrilled!! Wonderful stuff as ever Jo. xxx

Anonymous said...

Such a delight to see these two, it makes me want to be a photographer all over again. Beautiful pictures.


alexandra Andrews said...

Gorgeous and the setting's that they are in add so much to the photos. I love the vivid colours that mum has put them in.

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