Monday, 30 May 2011

Cute as buttons!

My lovely photographer friends have been keeping a big secret from me .....photographing children is the best fun ever! When I started the business I was sure that I was going to be working mainly with teenagers and adults and I will never stop that...but I have recently been photographing the cutest kids and its been a challenge, shorter attention spans, negotiation skills tested to the limit but most of all its a chance to try and see the world through their eyes, to be excited by the smallest of things.

These 2 cuties are cousins and the best of friends, I promised that they could play with bubbles after we had finished.....note to self.....DO NOT mention bubbles until the very end!!!

If you have children and would like to book a photoshoot just give me a shout and if you are really really good then I will let you play with the bubbles too! Best Blogger Tips
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Sally Edgar said...

I can personally say that Jo is fantastic with children - the pics she managed to get of my three year old twins were fabulous. I've been trying for three years to get them both looking at the camera and smiling at the same time but to no avail - Jo acheived this in less than ten mins of meeting her! Highly recommended, and we had great fun too! x

Anonymous said...

I regress to my childhood as soon as the bubbles come out, can never resist. Cute pics, where did you find the net thingy?


Alexandra Andrews said...

Lovely, lovely photographs, children are great fun to photograph, challenging at times but the rewards are amazing as you see here.

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