Monday, 18 July 2011

Double the giggles... and double the grins........

It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins.

It was a busy day last Friday - we finally moved house after a very long year of waiting and I had the pleasure of photographing these 2....I had met them a few weeks earlier and could not wait to photograph them - a slight hiccup the week before meant that the session was put on hold for a few days - but in  the end the sun shone, the sky was blue and they had a ball..... and so did I! 

We went to the fields behind the farm to see how high the crops were growing

We ran through the fields , picked daisies, and wore the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen, and did impressions of Ben 10 and Sportacus

We looked for the baby peacocks, and for Farmer Brian and Sweep the dog ...... and all the time we were doing this - we looked cute.!

....and I was taught the correct way to wink.... by an expert!

But best of all we had fun, cuddles, high 5s..... and I want to do it all again!

If you would like to book a summer photoshoot for your children please contact me ..... there are plenty more adventures to be had on the Farm  xxxx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Childrens portrait photography

I wanted to share some of the childrens portrait sessions that I have done this year - to see if I can tempt you!

I have had such a lot of fun with some great children.... learning the theme song to Peppa Pig, looking for ducklings...keeping a dandelion flower alive just long enough to take home to Mum! We have walked for miles, explored the farm and the woods and played in the fields......and I think that was more for my benefit!

I truly believe that childrens portrait photography sessions should be fun, relaxed and capture the essence of the child, the Farm where I am based allows us to wander and explore and so after a few minutes the children don't even realise that they are being photographed - they love to help me look for the magic bird who lives inside my camera!

So if you would like to book me this summer to create some amazing images then get in touch as sessions are filling fast...... the fee for the session is just £50 for 2 hours on location and prints start at just £7.50 

contact me on Come and see me on  Facebook .

I am based in Lydiate which is close to Formby, Maghull, Southport and Ormskirk - we are in the middle!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lauren and Chris - pre wedding photoshoot

Those of you who know me well will know that I keep saying that I don't do weddings..... and then a gorgeous couple come along and I cannot resist being part of their day! This is definitely the case with Lauren and Chris who get married in just a few weeks time.

We have struggled to get a date to do their pre wedding photoshoot but finally managed it last week.I have never know a couple giggle quite so much and I have never done a photoshoot which included owl spotting and trying to decide what a baby peacock is called - we decided on peababy but let me know if you know any different!

See you in a few weeks !!!!

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