Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lauren and Chris - pre wedding photoshoot

Those of you who know me well will know that I keep saying that I don't do weddings..... and then a gorgeous couple come along and I cannot resist being part of their day! This is definitely the case with Lauren and Chris who get married in just a few weeks time.

We have struggled to get a date to do their pre wedding photoshoot but finally managed it last week.I have never know a couple giggle quite so much and I have never done a photoshoot which included owl spotting and trying to decide what a baby peacock is called - we decided on peababy but let me know if you know any different!

See you in a few weeks !!!!

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Donna Graham Make Up Artist said...

I'm feeling a Bella and Edward moment in the pictures lying in the field. Very Twilight. X

Tracey B said...

Aww - what a lovely couple they look! Gorgeous shots as ever Jo :) Oh and it's a Peachick - lol! xx

John LeFebvre said...

Good stuff as always Jo! x

mike laurens dad x said...

lovely pics Jo
see you on the big day

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