Friday, 20 April 2012


We had such an amazing team working on the photoshoot last week in Ibiza, Kellie hairstyling and Nadias make up skills were superb. We were also lucky enough to work with fabulous models, Louisa, Chloe, Sam, Katie and Mike. 

This Blog features Chloe, who has minimal modelling experience and was actually a little nervous and unsure of how to pose - now this is pretty much true of everyone I photograph, but I want you to see how many different looks we achieved and how many poses - this was due to us working together , a little coaching and also using fashion magazines as inspiration - I would love my clients to come to me with their own ideas of how they want to look, just as I used to do when I went to the hairdresser....not sure if I ever did suit that Lady Diana look though!

Nadia from Beautify Ibiza use make up which complimented Chloes fair skin and blonde hair - she was able to achieve a number of different styles, from daytime to more glamorous and dramatic evening looks and Kelly from Stylistic Hair Ibiza matched the hair styles to the make up and the outfits. 

I do love a before and after shot!!!!!!

This was the hair and make up style for the bridal shoot on the beach - as you can see it works just as well for a contemporary portrait style too 

The amazing Kaftans were kindly supplied by Katie at Boho Ibiza Villas

I love this one - it really shows off Nadias amazing make up - and I soooo want to wear those eyelashes!

And these highlight Kellies skill at being able to create so many different hairstyles to perfectly compliment the outfits and the make up. I hope that you do click on these pictures to see them much bigger!

If you are considering booking a photoshoot with me either here or somewhere a little more sunny....then always remember, want to work with you to achieve the look that you want - come to me with ideas, rip pages out of magazines and lets see what we can do - and please please consider having hair and make up done before your shoot, or I can arrange that for you - it makes such a difference to the way you feel on the day - a bit of pampering is always good !!!

And if you are planning Wedding in Ibiza then please contact the girls - they have packages available for you and your bridesmaids to make your day even more special 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Love in the sunshine

Yes I know....more blogging about Ibiza...are you getting the idea that I had a good time!?!? 
The absolute best thing about last week was the teamwork, people came along just to help out friends and be part of the day and this is particularly true of Ruth and Frey, a gorgeous couple who live on the island. Ruth volunteered to come along to work with Nadia who is the make up artist, to showcase her work. 

...and I got the chance to spend time with a couple who just love each other so much, and it shows

Click on the pictures to see them in all their gorgeousness

Thank you so much to Ruth and Frey for just being so lovely.

Make up by Nadia Hassen at Beautify Ibiza for the stunning make up.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The wonders of Facebook!

As you know I recently went to Ibiza to collaborate on a photoshoot, just before I went I got a message on Facebook from Cat Milton who lives on the Island and is also a photographer, offering to help us if needed. I love the fact that people just came together for this shoot and we had so much support. Anyway Cat and I decided to meet up for lunch and she very kindly showed me round part of the Island. Now Cat will say that she is a relative novice at photography but I beg to disagree....she has a brilliant eye for composition and manages to capture the real Ibiza and its people. 

This is Cats photography website - I would love it if you would pop over there and see just how beautiful Ibiza is.    Cat Milton

So we went to see the salt plains near the airport - a huge manmade area where the salt is collected. I believe the foam is a byproduct of the salt - more details can be found here's%20Salt%20Flats

Click on any of the images if you would like to see the larger version 

Cat in action!

This is an outlet for the foamy water - it was coming out under pressure and produced these amazing abstract shapes

I would like to say a huge thank you to Cat for taking the time out to meet with me - and I really hope that she realises very soon just how talented she is...and a huge thank you to Facebook for putting us in touch with each other - the world is truly getting smaller every day!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ibiza part 1 - Bridal photoshoot

Kellie and I met about 7 years ago when I was looking for a new hairdresser - she worked at a Salon near where I live and seemed to put up with me booking appointments on the last minute and attempting to cut my own fringe between appointments! She is the one responsible for my fabulous pink hair and she refuses to let my few (!!!) grey hairs to show. We always got on well and shared stories about each others lives and I knew that she was commuting  between here and Ibiza where her boyfriend lives and she was starting to but up a hair styling business on the island. We joked about collaborating on a shoot for her portfolio and after lots of planning it actually happened last week! 

Kellie and Nadia, who runs a beauty business on the Island had put together an incredible team, we also had access to a wonderful villa for 2 days. Details of everyone involved will be at the end of this Blog post 

Day one of the shoot was aimed at showcasing Nadias make up and Kellies hair styling for Weddings. Ibiza is an incredible destination to get married and the girls often work together to get the Bride and Bridesmaids ready. Chloe and Louisa were our brides for the day - they are not professional models but you would never guess! 
We had flowers for our brides too from Floral Dreams Ibiza .
If you want to see any of these images even bigger then just click on them. The images are Copyright of Jo Rutherford Photography and must not be copied, shared or downloaded


It makes a change to do hair and make up in the sunshine! 

Even an outdoor shower can be a great backdrop!

After using the Villa and grounds we then headed off to the beach at Cala Salada....and yes the sea is really that blue!

A huge thank you to our models Louisa and Chloe.

Hair was by Kellie from Stylistic Hair based in Ibiza and Southport

Make up is by Nadia at Beautify Ibiza

Flowers by the lovely Holly and Gary at Floral Dreams Ibiza

Dress was kindly supplied by Karen Taylor

Villa was supplied by Kate at Boho Ibiza Villas 

Keep popping back to see more from this incredible photoshoot!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Petticoats and gorgeous girls!

 Morning....Happy Easter - yep I know Easter is over but I had a rare day off yesterday and so am playing catch up today!

Now I know that I have shown some of these images before but what the heck - thought they were good enough to share again!
The amazing Petticoats are made by Andrea who runs Petticoats- a Plenty - she is based in Liverpool but has plans to take over the world and I truly believe that she has the skill, drive and determination to do just that. She is quite a character and I have actually persuaded her to have a shoot done in her own outfits and so watch this space. So these images are from a couple of recent photoshoots showing the amazing Wedding Dresses that Andrea is now able to offer - teamed with her Petticoats. The reaction from all the girls who modelled for the shoot was the same - they did not want to take the dresses off - I think they would have worn them around Tescos if we had let them!

Thank you so much to our amazing models - Sukki Singapora, Ruby Heels, Heather Marie McHale and Dayna Leahey

Andreas website is If you are looking for something different for a Wedding Dress, Prom dress or just to wander around Tescos in then give Andrea a shout.

If you want to see a bigger version of the pictures just click on them xxxx

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