Saturday, 7 May 2011

Victoria Baths photography workshop

When I was younger....much younger I loved to swim and was pretty good at it, I loved the smell of the pool and that gorgeous feeling of being the first one in the water. When our local pool in Salford was being repaired our school took us to a very different pool....with changing rooms all around the side and a balcony, with stained glass windows and a separate entrance for men and women. This was a beautiful place to swim, the light flooded through the windows in the ceiling so you could lie on your back and watch the clouds floating by.

So, I grew up.....I don't swim as much anymore but I still remember that pool......and then last year as I was looking for a location for photo workshop I was planning I came across the website for the Victoria Baths, it talked about how the pool had closed down, fallen into disrepair and had then won the TV programme 'Restoration' and was now being restored by a committed team of volunteers and the memories came flooding back  - this is where I had swum with school! I jumped at the chance to go back and booked a date to hold a workshop there.

I booked the most amazing models , Sarah, Stacey, Zana, Michelle, George, Rebecca and Florence and the best Make up artists....Sian Faulkner and Corinne and we had a fantastic day.....

The location was even better than I remembered, 3 pools, 2 of which were empty and allowed us to photograph the models in them, the old Superintendants quarters upstairs with peeling wallpaer and original features, stunning green tiles in the main lobby and a maze of underground tunnels and rooms where episodes of 'Life on Mars' and 'Bedlam' had been filmed.

20 photographers came along for the day, some were professional, some were landsacpe photographers who wanted to try something different, but all of them were enthusiatic and adored the location as much as I did....

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved, I love organising events like this, I love to see the confidence of the photographers build as the day progresses, and I adore the way everyone helps each other, sharing equipment, skills, and cakes....lets not forget the cakes! There are not many training days you can go to where the delgates bake cakes....thank you to Caroline Freeman!

The models worked so hard, working with the photographers so that they could get the best images possible, a very special thank you must go to Flo, on her first photoshoot, you were amazing!

The biggest thank you has to go to Neil and all the volunteers who are so passionate about this building and its history , thank you for allowing us to take over for the day....we will be back!

Head over to the Victoria Baths website for more information 

If you are interested in coming to any of the workshops I arrange....head to my Facebook page and keep an eye on upcoming events  Jo Rutherford Photography Best Blogger Tips
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Claire Penn Photography said...

I didn't know you'd swam there! Wow. :) Well I have been to many of your workshops Jo but this one was a highlight for me - the models, MUAs and stylist were superb, as were the other togs but what made it was that incredible location... and you. And I am happy that for once, YOU got to shoot too! I will see you in a few weeks for the next one. :) xxxxx

Alexandra Andrews said...

It was an amazing place to shoot, so many different backdrops, I was totally exhausted by the end of the day and I think that was down to the excitement and the thrill of it all. You really do have a great knack of putting the day together with wonderful models, MUA's, outfits and an amazing location. I have no idea how you are going to top this one, but I'm looking forward to taking part when you next try !
Thank you so much Jo

Tracey B said...

I had THE most amazing time Jo, I came away on a total high! It was a fabulous location and the models and MUA's were fab too! I want to go back and do it all again!

Plus it was lovely to meet everyone and last but not least of course - the cakes were yummy!! x

Lisa Dearnley-Davison said...

This was just an awesome location and everyone was just fantastic. You have a wonderful talent for bringing stuff like this together and I can't wait for the next one!

Chrissy said...

It was a wonderful day, I'd highly recommend any of your workshops to other photographers! Thanks for having me xx

Nicola Taylor said...

This location looks absolutely amazing!!! Are you going to be running another workshop there?

Anonymous said...

hello i was just enquiring if you know of any students who would like to photograph my wedding which will take place sometime this year
it is only a small wedding and im not asking for it to be free of charge.

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