Friday, 18 May 2012

Lets dance for fear tonight is all

This is about teamwork, about creativity and about 3 photographers, a model, a make up artist and a dingy old building! Its about building on an idea, about trying to tell a story through photography, its about friends working together in the midst of mould, pigeons, mysterious footsteps, and a building full of memories. Its about hot water bottles, cans of spray fog, top hats, a SMART car full to the brim of props on a big adventure. 

Click on any of the images if you would like to see them larger - and please leave a comment if you like what we have done - it would mean a lot 

So here goes.........the story of a girl,who loved to dance.....who was left behind.....still hearing the music when everyone had left , who waited for the day when she could dance for her audience again

'How can you see into my eyes like open doors, 
leading you down into my core where I've become numb
without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it and lead it back home'
                         Evernescence - Bring me to life

'Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music' anon

She practiced, in rooms full of decay, surrounded by the remnants of the music scores and the flowers that her admirers once threw on stage, 

......and then .......  she stopped and seemed to realise she was alone, that the audience had left and she started to be afraid 

She started looking for a way out ........... but it was not going to be easy

'we dance for laughter, 
 we dance for tears
 we dance for madness
 we dance for fears
 we dance for hopes
 we dance for screams
 we are the dancers
                     we create the dreams' Unknown  

 I thinks she's going to be just fine....don't you?

Thank you so much to the amazing team who worked on the project 

To Tracey Barrow who is mainly responsible for this crazy and amazing day Tracey Barrow Photography

to the lovely Chrissy Mathew  - have a look at her Blog here Chrissy Mathew Photography

to Zana O'Connell - our beautiful dancer Zana O'Connell

and to Laura for her incredible make up and ability to hold a reflector like a pro!!! Laura Walton Make up

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Lel said...

Gorgeous- well done to an amazingly creative team x

Catherine Ball said...

Stunning work, as always, what an amazing creative concept and beautiful work x

Alexandra Andrews said...

Beautiful pictures, fabulous lighting and super post production. It's like a story book for grown ups I can imagine myself sitting down at night to flick through a beautifully presented story book full of beautifully presented pictures like this. I love it and I love that you try new things to stretch your skill set x

Lisa DD said...

Amazing story. Fantastically presented. Beautifully done.

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