Friday, 1 June 2012

A moment to shine - the Olympic torch

I am not a big sports fan....and I don't tend to get too excited by big events like the Jubilee and the Olympics - no I am not miserable........honest! But I did want to capture the Olympic torch coming to Southport and Formby - more for the fact it is a moment in time - a piece of history. But the event became very special when I found out that Phil was going to be carrying the torch. I have known Phil and Joanna forever and they have been incredibly supportive of me over the years in so many ways. My Son and their eldest Son went to nursery together - now that seems like a very long time ago!

Joanne and Phil only found out that he was actually going to carry the touch a couple of days ago - it had been mentioned and the bid had gone in but then....nothing....until a parcel arrived with the tracksuit in but no directions or instructions. Eventually it was all sorted and I headed to Formby to wait with all his family and friends. It was really wonderful to drive past all the crowds and I could not resist giving a little wave Queenie style to all the school kids waiting!

Don't forget to click on any of the images to see them full size

First the police and the sponsors came past .....

And the flag sellers were out in force!

Phils family were patiently waiting for him

and then the crowds started to get very excited as the bus arrived with the next runners and suddenly there was Phil!

And as he passed the flame over this happened! Don't worry - he was not really on fire!!!!

And this is my favourite image - of Joanna and the kids following, photographing, videoing and being so very proud all at the same time 

And this looks like the best photography job I have seen!

A huge Congratulations to Phil for running with the torch and being part of this amazing event and to all the other runners around the country - even I am starting to get into the spirit of the Olympics now! Best Blogger Tips
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Tracy Edwards said...

A lovely memory of a special day,I'm sure Phil and his family will be thrilled - nice one Jo. And no one could ever accuse you of being miserable! x

Katrin said...

Fantastic pictures, Jo. These really capture this important moment for Phil and his family!
I love the one with Joanne and the kids following and I really like the rainbow coloured whistle bands.
Certainly a moment to remember and you preserved it.

Lisa DD said...

You've not only captured a fantastic moment in time but the feeling that goes along with it. How truly amazing!

red-rebel said...

Lovely Jo, what a great event to capture!They all look very excited and proud of there Daddy!
I'm really excited about the Olympics and cant wait for the torch to come to Buxton.

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