Friday, 19 November 2010

The Help Portrait project.....I need your ideas

I love photography, yes it verges on an obsession I know! One of the main reasons I love it is the way in which a photograph records something special, a family event, friends being together, love. There is something amazing about the emotions that can be triggered by looking at a photograph.

I came across a website last year which intrigued me  it is the Help Portrait organisation set up in America by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart. This year I want to be involved and I really need your help. On Saturday December 4th I will have a camera, empty memory cards, and a ton of enthusiasm to photograph people who would never even dream of having a portrait taken and this is where you come in. I would love ideas of who I should photograph on the day, do you know of a community group, hospice, or family who would really enjoy having some photographs taken but for various reasons have never had the chance? This is not an opportunity to grab a free portrait session, it is also not about me building my own portfolio , it is truly about wanting to use the skills I have to support someone else.

There will be no charge for the session, there will be no charge for the prints and the disc of images - strange idea I know but I truly believe in this project.

So, its over to you, will you have a really good think of groups, or of families, or individual people who maybe have had a tough year and a fun photo session would be a small help in making them smile and boosting their confidence? I would really like this to be in Southport and Formby area - so get thinking and e mail me on with your ideas.

Oh and if you are a photographer reading this ........ you could join in too????????? Best Blogger Tips
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Claire Penn Photography said...

Brilliant. I have a session that day or I SO would have come along to assist you. Enjoy, whatever you end up doing, and we'll catch up on the 5th when I get back so you can tell me all about it. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo best of luck with the project. I have a wedding on the 4th but will be rooting for you. Cheers, Graham.

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