Thursday, 4 November 2010

Curve: The loveliest distance between two points. Mae West

As promised, part 2 of the Boudoir Photography leaves, trees or cold bottoms this time you will be glad to hear!
I love the quote from Mae West, curves are great and they are what make women beautiful.My other favourite quote is ' The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself' Elizabeth Metcalf. Anyone who knows me will be able to testify that I hate having my photograph taken and so I completely understand it when people say that they also hate it. Thats makes the subject of Boudoir photography quite tricky to sell to people, not only are they having their photograph taken but they are nearly nude!

So, I wanted to dispel some myths about this, Boudoir photography sessions are great fun, you do not need to expose anything you don't want of my lovely ladies kept her jeans on throughout the session and the images are beautiful, its all about the teasing, the promise of what there might be!

As I have said before, we all have issues with our bodies, how we look, or more to the point, how we think we look, I now  want you to think about what your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband thinks of you and how they love evry bit of you especially the curves, so stop worrying - easier said than done - and think about booking a Boudoir Photography session............ you never know you might enjoy it, and you will certainly enjoy the reaction you get when you show your Significant Other the images!!!! This could be the best Christmas present ever!


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Claire Penn Photography said...

Quite simply jaw-droppingly beautiful shots, each and every one. I love you, you're so clever. :)

Robby said...

I love the shot with the heel in the underwear..purely sexy!!! You are a genious!

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

just knockout gorgeous .........they all look amazing x

lynsey said...

Wowzeers!!....They are all divine Jo, you really know how to bring out the beauty of a woman...Makes me want to abandon my thermal vest and join them!!....xxxxx

Katrin said...

Brilliant pictures and so clever presented.

scifibooknut said...

Beautiful pictures...

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