Saturday, 30 October 2010

Boudoir with attitude!

A Boudoir is a ladys private bedroom, sitting or dressing room.....I got this information from Wikipedia and I ask forgiveness from my past students for this - how many times did I tell them never to go near the site!

Boudoir style photography is becoming more and more popular, ladies have a photo session , hair and make up done and have the opportunity to go away with a huge confidence boost and some great images to surprise their boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, Boss or whoever!

I love this style of photography and now offer Boudoir photography sessions - if you would like to give your Partner a very special preset for Christmas or their Birthday and have a wonderful time in the process then get in touch. In the next week or so I will put some more images on here of recent sessions so that you get the idea, but for now I wanted to share Heathers Beautiful Boudoir session which we did in France last week - how stunning does she look, yes it was cold, yes those are real leaves and yes she was lying in the middle of an orchard but I hope that you agree that it was worth it and I know Heather loved doing this!

Don't worry, I wont make you do your Boudoir session in the forest.......unless you are brave and really really want to!!!

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Claire Penn Photography said...

Ohhhhhhh hello..... you just smashed it out of park. :) Stunning. Am literally sitting here squealing!! xxx

scifibooknut said...

Fantastic shot! And I think I'll skip the forest ;)

Andrea Ellison Photography said...


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