Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Some of you may recognise Lucy from our trip to France......when we came back she asked if we could do another shoot together and today was the day....yes today in the snow and the freezing temperatures! 

Lucy is an amazing singer and we both love Taylor Swift and so we decided to do a shoot inspired by her, ready for when Lucy releases her first album... we headed to my favourite farm and between cups of tea we managed to get some great shots.

Lucy was brilliant, she was freezing but kept thinking of.....well I am not sure what she was thinking of to keep warm but it put a smile on her face!

Thank you Lucy for a great afternoon, thank you to Lucys Dad for the loan of the gorgeous guitar and thank you as always to Farmer Brian and the girls at the Haylofyt in Lydiate for making us so welcome and allowing Lucy to climb on the farm machinery!

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Andrea Ellison Photography said...

Lucy....Jo.......these are simply stunning xx you could use any of these on an album cover easy peasy xx

Jo Rutherford said...

Thank you lovely lady xx

Katrin said...

Lovely! Especially those where she's posing in front of that wagon-thingy...

Lynsey said...

Girls, I want both your autographs!!! Two stars in the making....Lucy you look like you name is already up in lights...and Jo, sometimes you just give me goosebumps!!....Great job xxx

elizaboo said...

Fab! Really fab!!! I've got goosebumps too - and especially when I think about how cold it must have been and how Lucy doesn't show it in the slightest!! Boo x

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