Sunday, 11 March 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok so I am a day early but what the heck! Tomorrow is my birthday but it is also 2 years since I started my business and boy have I come a long way since then, I have met the most incredible people , made lifelong friends, photographed weddings, christenings, family celebrations, model portfolios, actors and of my images is the cover of an album now....children, adults and everyone in-between  organised workshops and learned so much.

This year promises to be even more exciting for the business, I am off to Ibiza soon to work with a very talented hairdresser on the island building her portfolio.....yes I know...its a hard life.... and no, I don't need anyone to carry my bags for the trip! I am going to be working with a fabulous local Beauty Salon and Spa offering packages for all you lovely ladies especially for my Beauty and Boudoir photoshoots. I have amazing workshops coming up, at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe and also in Liverpool.

On a personal note I am off to London this week to the British Film Institute as one of my photographs has made the shortlist of the BIPP national awards

So, yes I am blowing my own trumpet a little bit today but its nearly my Birthday so I am allowed!!!

Anyway, the main reason for this rambling Blog post is to tell you about the gorgeous new Gift Vouchers I have had made, I know just how hard I am to buy for on my Birthday and I bet I am not the only one, so why not treat someone you know to a photoshoot and maybe a makeover too? Mum, sister, daughter, best friends....the list is endless of who you could buy for and believe me you will earn a ton of Brownie Points for this present!

People often think that there needs to be a special occasion to have a shoot done and most of the time I agree, but the special occasions can be as simple as losing weight and feeling wonderful about your new look, a new relationship, achieving something, celebrating friendships.... again the list can go on and on!

So to celebrate my Birthday and the 2 year Anniversary of my business I have something special for you.

I want you to tell me the reason why you would have a photoshoot, what are you celebrating at the moment, or why do you need a little pampering? Do you know someone who would love this as a gift as they have done something special? 

I have 2 Gift Vouchers here to the value of £100, I would like to gift these to you this week, what I ask is that you leave a message on here and tell me about you, or someone you know who would adore this present and I will chose 2 of you. The value of the voucher will cover the photoshoot and give you credit towards a beautiful framed print, they are valid for 3 months from today. 


Jo xxx

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Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like I am the first to enter this competition, do I get bonus brownie points for that?! He he. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO! Here's to many many more :) With regards to the business birthday, you have achieved so much in only 2 years, you should be very very proud. I am delighted to be a part of your past but more excited to be a part of your future!

Ok, so my pitch for the blog comp...I would like to nominate my Mum. It is coming up to Mother's Day and I seriously have the most amazing no.1 Mum in the entire world. I have struggled through some really hard times and she has never ever not been there behind me, supporting me all the way.

She has always put my sister and I before her own needs through a difficult divorce and issues throughout our lives. When I was a little girl running around the playground and falling over, she was always there to pick me up and wipe my tears...and today, when I fall, she is still there doing the same thing. She has very little self confidence in herself having always been slim all her life. Now approaching her *whispers* 53rd birthday and having had 2 children, she is not feeling as beautiful as she should. I know that you see women with such colour and beauty, I would love for her to feel this.

Fingers crossed for Sonny B :)

Katrin said...

Hi Jo, I would love to nominate my sis. You know her. She is just amazing with the munchkin at home and building up her own business. She is full of fantastic ideas and creativity and she never let other people see if something is not working as she expected it to be.
She was so brave to leave home (and country) at such a young age and she made her way through all the difficulties.
If I could name two women as my role models, one would be my mum and the other my sis. Both adventurous in there own ways.

All the best for the next years in business! It was great to meet you last year.

Lisa DD said...

Hi Jo, and happy birthday for tomorrow!

I would like to nominate someone who despite having the worst four weeks I could imagine, she's managed to stay positive throughout and keep my bolstered at the same time. She works for the same team as I do, but looking after 40-something people and keeps two bosses in line very often working into the evening or weekends to see the business through.

If I could reach out and hug someone right now it would be her and I know this would never be something she would consider her for herself.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jo I would like to nominate my two sons for the shoot, I feel like they deserve something nice to boost their confidence and self esteem which as teenagers they both are really low in at times. they have both been through some difficult personal issues recently , so I would like to show them both what handsome young men they have become and how special they are to me and perhaps build there confidence at the same time . love suzanne x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, what a 2yrs of rollercoaster it has being for you - its being fabulous following you on facebk and seeing you produce such compelling photos.
I cant comment on the technical side as I dont have the knowledge but I do know good art. Some of the photos are just spellbinding and I'd be privaledged to have a shoot with you. That is if you dare take on a little (hyper) , ginger 2 and half yr old and me!
The finished photos we see dont show the hrs of prep before and the work after.
I think the best bit about your art is the bravery, originality and your natural approach to whatever subject you turn your hand.
Well done Jo, you deserve all the good recognition you get
Helen xxxxxxxxxxx

Laura Holloway said...

Hi Jo :) after a month in hospital and rehab, and Six months on since my mum's first operation, I've seen the most upsetting things.. my mum fall to pieces and lose all confidence in herself. After having an operation that luckily saved her from a life in a wheelchair- she has had to learn everything all over again, she had to learn to walk, but sadly she had to learn to look at herself in a mirror again. I just want her to rebuild her confidence and see the beautiful woman I see as a mother. I really do wish that you choose my mum because she deserves to feel good about herself after all this and I know it would give her such a confidence boost and would always have a memory of such a strong time she has bravely over come. THANKYOU :D

by the way, Happy Birthday Jo!

Laura xxxx

Jo Rutherford said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely nominations - I think that all of you are really lovely to think of someone else for this. I promise that I will be in touch this week

Jo xxxx

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