Friday, 25 November 2011

BIPP, bridges, pancakes and an Angel to watch over me

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride to say the least! Real highs and lows but we got through it which is all that counts......don't worry readers - this post is all about the good bits!

In the summer I decided to join the British Institute of Professional Photography and to start working towards gaining my first qualification. I know that this is not essential for me as a professional photographer but I like the fact that I might get a certificate....I am a little sad about this sort of thing - anything that gains me a badge or certificate means that I sign up there and then! Ok thats not the only reason I have done this - I like the idea that my work will be assessed to be of a certain standard and  I like the fact that it makes me work really really hard to produce work of the highest standard for all my lovely clients. In order to come a qualifying member of BIPP I had to send 30 of my images off for an initial assessment and only when they have been see can I start the journey towards my Licentiateship which will show that I have an 'established professional level of skill and competence'. Only when I have reached this level will I be able to use the initials BIPP after my name.

So this week Mike and I went up to the Northeast so that I could attend a portfolio review - 40 of my images were to be assessed by Fellows of BIPP - members who have the highest level of bet!!

Up to the last minute we were not sure if we were going to be able to make the trip due to family illness but we finally got on the road and arrived at the amazing Hilton Hotel right on the Tyne with amazing views of the bridges and the river , the first picture below is the view we had from the window- we were well and truly spoiled courtesy of the lovely Lisa who had arranged this for us in return for some tuition I did for her recently - I am now offering tuition to anyone who an repay me in hotel stays! We chilled in the evening, going for a walk down to the Millennium bridge and the Sage - an amazing theatre and arts space where we saw the exhibition of paintings by an amazing artist Jolomo 

Taken on my iPhone

Taken on my iPhone

Taken on my iPhone

Taken on my iPhone
So the next morning after a traditional Hilton breakfast including pancakes from a do it yourself pancake machine - yes I did get very excited about this.....we headed up to Newcastle college, though the town, past amazing buildings , a castle, cobbled streets, railway arches, it was killing me not having the time to take pictures but I will just have to go back again won't I?

The College housed all the creative arts courses and so I was surrounding by beautiful and inspirational work by the students - I did have to giggle when I saw one of the classrooms full of students who were knitting!

So my turn for assessment arrived and I have to say it was a brilliant experience - very nerve racking having someone reviewing and critiquing the images which I love so much, but it was done in such a positive way that I actually really enjoyed it - and I know that I have already learned so much. 

I feel really pleased at the response I got from the assessors, they have advised me to go for my full assessment in the New Year when I will have to submit another 25 images, and a ton of supporting evidence to a panel, another scary experience but I already feel that this will increase my skills and my confidence as a photographer and that can only be a good thing. I am passionate about teaching and learning from my last job as a University Lecturer and know that it is essential that I constantly improve my skills, and grow as a photographer. So the hard work starts now and I will let you know how things are going.

I really want to thank the assessors at Bipp this week who, although they have been on the road all week they were still incredibly enthusiastic and supportive, and also the rest of the BIPP team at Head Office. 

Anyway ....enough chatting - here are some of the images I submitted for  review 

When we left yesterday we did do a very quick stop off at the Angel of the North, and I was just in awe of this incredible structure looking over the town, just beautiful x

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Lisa said...

Jo, great post and glad the review went so well. Loved the location pics and can't wait to see what you will take next time you go to Newcastle.
Your portfolio images are fab - would love to see the rest you submitted!

wendy grant said...

Fabulous portfolio Jo and a lovely story. Good luck in January!

Alexandra Andrews said...

Jo you are such a talented photographer I know that you will make this happen, and when you have I might just try out for the team myself !

Maz Hawes said...

Great post Jo , I've been a little tempted to go for it myself but not sure I'm brave enough! Best of luck in Jan :)

Vic said...

So pleased it went so well for you Jo! : ) Lots of luck in the New Year xx

Katrin said...

These are such fantastic pictures. I really love your portrait style.
So my fingers are crossed for January.

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