Monday, 7 November 2011

If you go down in the woods today........

Tara got in touch recently to chat about having a photoshoot, she had realised that she had loads of photographs of her 2 gorgeous girls but she had no photographs of herself and Oliver together since  they got married - Tara is very much like me and prefers to be behind the camera! But she did not want the girls to grow up and not be able to look back and see Tara on any of the photographs in their family album.

So we decided to do a family shoot with a slight difference, the focus was very definitely on Mum and Dad and luckily Grandma and Grandad came along to entertain the girls so that Oliver and Tara could have some time together in the woods........ now that sounds a little risqué.... even more so when you remember that I was pointing my camera at them!

I wanted this to be a special afternoon for Tara and Oliver - I asked them to think of somewhere they love to be and I am so glad they chose Delamere Forest - this was somewhere these childhood sweethearts used to go for walks when they were dating and so when they look at the images in their album they will remember the afternoon, the weather, the gorgeous colours of the leaves, the sounds of the children running....and running....these girls can run!

I really love my job... and this was one of those afternoons that made me realise just how much I love it, I got the chance to spend time with a lovely family , to meet 2 little girls full of character and bursting with energy, to explore the woods in the beautiful autumn sunshine and best of all I know that Tara, no matter how nervous she was on the day, will always have these images in her album to look back on, and the girls will be able to see just how beautiful their Mummy is . 

I want to say a huge thank you to Grandma and Grandad for occupying the girls for a little while, and also to say thank you to the girls for including me in their adventures in the forest, including the incident with the 2 very lost children we found who were really calm and were able to tell us their Mums mobile number, unfortunately Mum had left her phone at home and I ended up leaving messages starting with 'Hi, we are in the forest and we have your children...' I nearly left a ransom demand but thought that they might not see the funny side of that! Thankfully children and parents were soon reunited and a memorable afternoon was had by all!

So, if you are like Tara, you love photography and looking at photographs in your family album but are realising that there always seems to be someone missing from them , why not give me a call to talk about booking a photography session.

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paul said...

Stunning as always : ) x

Anonymous said...
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