Thursday, 9 February 2012

Brighton and Burlesque....a cheeky little blog!

I love anything a little 'different'.....I have a little C3PO figure sitting on my desk, I think Zombies are quite cool, and as for Burlesque....well I just love everything about it, ostrich fans, corsets, sequins....what is there not to love!! Deep inside I want to have a go but that might be something for the future! Anyway, I saw a post on Facebook about a Boudoir  and Burlesque worship being held in Brighton and pressed the button to send my payment faster than  you can say frilly knickers and this week I headed down South for a couple of days away.

Brighton was a revelation....just the most friendly place ever, the quirkiest shops including one which advertised Vegetarian shoes for sale! I stayed at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast about 2 minutes walk from the sea, run by Alan and Ollie, who even sent me a welcome text the day before to check I had all the details! Check their website! I was treated to a fluffy dressing gown, a stick of Brighton Rock on my pillow and bacon butties for breakfast!

Heres some of my favourite images of Brighton ..... just click on the image if you want to see it bigger - they look much better bigger!!!!!

The beach....what a stunning beach - this is where I was stood, checking e mails on my phone(yes I am that sad!!) and finding out that an image of mine has made it through to the National awards run by BIPP - British Institute of Professional Photographers.... so if there are a couple of slightly out of focus images its cos I was crying!!!!!!

So, the day of the Workshop - I am going to let the images do the storytelling - it was decadent, beautiful, stylish and fun.....oh and cold!!!! I met a great bunch of people, got inspired to try new things, drank pink champagne and loved it all !!

I am afraid this has been a photography overload.... I managed to gets migraine at the end of the workshop and still feeling just a little under the weather - but looking at all of these has cheered me up! It was a long way to go .....but was well and truly worth it! 

So....ladies....get those frilly knickers and corsets out, give me a shout and we can get you to star in your own burlesque style photoshoot......come just know that you want to!!!

Thank you to everyone invovled in putting this workshop together - I certainly know just how much work it takes to put something like this together and I hope that you are all really proud of what you have achieved xxx

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Tracey Barrow said...

I'm so gutted that I couldn't make this! I loved Brighton when I visited and wished I had been able to stay for longer to take some snaps!

The B& B sounds fab!

Hope to see you soon


Sarah Janes Photography said...

LOVVVEEEEEEE this blog post ♥ I love the street photography...the beach photography...but most of all the Burlesque photography {I so wish I was a Burlesque Dancer} And congratulations on the image :)

Jeanette Lendon said...

Fabulous Dahling!!!! It was such a pleasure - and giggle - to meet you!!!

Katrin said...

Jo, apart from the migraine it sounds just perfect. If I should ever go to Brighton I will try to stay at that B&B, the website's just wonderful and I do love your pictures. All of them. Especially those of the pier and the burlesque session ones. I just wish... Well, they are fantastic! :o)

Dade Freeman said...

It was great to see you - and I see you got some fab shots!

I forgot to mention the frilly knickers in my post :P

domestic goddess said...

was so lovely to meet you , i actually felt abit star struck as I have also loved your photography. Photos are stunning as expected, xxx

LifeLine Photography said...

Oh Jo, these are GORGEOUS. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I can vouch for the adorableness (that is a word, right?) of the B&B too. What a great find! I would definitely love to work with you again. Not least because I'm looking forward to seeing the photo love-shack. Tee hee. x

Tracy Edwards said...

Terrific blog as usual Jo! Some stunning boudoir/burlesque shots. xx

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