Sunday, 19 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful....part 1

Its Sunday evening - its been a crazy couple of weeks  and I have many reasons to be cheerful at the moment - Brighton one week for the awesome Burlesque workshop and then a family holiday in Scotland where I conquered my fears of T bars and button lifts on the ski slopes! 

I have had time to do lots of thinking an planning recently, long journeys and having some time out is good for my soul I think, and I wanted to share my thoughts a little. I have photographed all sorts over the past couple of years, amazing weddings, christenings, families, models and even some beautiful (??) electrical components!!! I love photographing anything, its what I do, its part of who I am now but I am starting to identify the bits that give me the biggest buzz, the most fun...and surely thats what its all about??

I am not going to stop photographing all the lovely things I have mentioned.....did I tell you about the cardboard factory shoot.....maybe another day..... but I want to spend lots of time photographing all you gorgeous ladies who I know have a little read of my Blog now and again...yes you.... even the quiet ones who never leave a message! Now I know what you are all saying;

1, I am not photogenic

2, I hate having my photograph taken

3, I look rubbish in photographs

4, Its too expensive

5, I shouldn't spend the money on me

6, Is it not a bit vain to have a photo session just for me?

Am I right? Well, you are all gorgeous, and you have to trust me to photograph you in the most gorgeous way, you have to know that I have all the same hang ups as you and I know just how you feel about your creases, and wobbly bits, but great posing, lighting and a touch of fairy dust makes all the difference...... just look at this image of the gorgeous Vicky - who was very brave and let me do a before and after shot of her

I promise that the image on the right has only been edited very lightly and its the light, pose and make up that has done the rest!!! Doesn't she look amazing?

There is nothing wrong in indulging in some pampering and this is exactly what a portrait photography session is, especially if you decide to have a professional make up artist too, the difference is that this type of pampering gives you something to keep forever - photographs, for you to look at and remind you just how fabulous you are or to share with your partner or family.
As for this being expensive - there is a cost involved of course but there is never a hard sell, I will always talk to you about what you want before we even start shooting, you will know what the cost of everything is in you might have to save up a little bit but is that so bad? Or you could ask for gift vouchers for your Birthday or for Mothers Day which is coming around soon!!!

And the bit about you not being photogenic - you really have to trust me on this one - yes you are, it just may be that you have never had photographs taken of you that you like, that no one has taken the time to find your best bits, to help you with posing and to take the time to make you comfortable being in front of the camera - thats my job, you just need to turn up and have fun

So here is a little test for you, I asked people on my Facebook page to help me describe my style as I am working on my new website this year, they were brilliant and came up with lots of great words to help me describe what I do, I started to realise though that these same words describe you - my future clients, my lovely ladies who are just dying to take the plunge and be photographed. 
So the test is to find the words that describe YOU in this word cloud and let me know, if you can't find the words then tell me the 3 words that best describe you - and they can only be positive, nothing negative, tell me about you, what you love about yourself!!

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Katrin said...

Jo, what a fantastic idea. Although, coming up with three positive words to describe me is almost as fearful as telling you three things about me I like. Bad when I think hard enough it might be natural, playful and emotive. I can't think of anybody else I'd love to take pictures of me so I might start saving some money :o)

Anonymous said...

Warm, thoughtful and natural are probably words that would describe me - i'd hope.

As always your blog is great and really pleased you've had time to think and able to work out what you really love to photograph.

As you know I'm a huge fan.

Sinéad x

Alexandra Andrews said...

I have decided that this is going to be my year to have a family shoot done, with me in the photos instead of taking them. I have already convinced dh that we will part with money to do something that will last us a lifetime. I love looking at the photos my nan had done when she was little and the ones of my mum too. I know my kids will want pictures of me even if I don't like the idea. But i have a sneaking suspicion that working with you I might just like - nay love the final thing.
Now I just need Harry to grow his front teeth, look out for the email it will be coming your way x

Lisa said...

Fab - am thinking this is the year to get some shots done with my partner and the last shots you did for us were just fantastic. They always get a comment when people see them :)

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