Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Photo Camp and walkabouts

 Morning everyone.... I cannot quite believe that January is flying by so fast! Photo Camp is just over a week away and plans are coming together nicely. The idea for the Photo Camp developed fromn the Walkabouts that I ran last year which just got bigger and better as the year went along, it was amazing to see the networking that went on, the sharing of skills, equipment and information and the ongoing collaborations long after the cake has been eaten and the images have  been edited.

One of the best and most unexpected impacts of organising the Photo Camp has been watching all the delegates chatting together on Facebook, the willingness to share knowledge and experience has overwhelmed me and most of them have not even met yet! This reminds me a little of my last Blog post about the White House Photographer Pete Souza who felt that one of the main qualities he needed for the job was the ability to gain the trust of the people he worked with.... all the girls who are chatting to each other have shown a huge amount of trust.... they are sharing business information, technical information, resources and so much more and expect nothing in return, its fantastic!!

I will be running Walkabouts again this year.... I know that after the lengthy discussions on Facebook that people have very different ideas about how they should be organised, what they should pay etc.... and I have to admit that for a moment I was getting a little stressed about the whole thing and was going to throw in the towel but then I looked back at the photographs...... and plans started buzzing around my head again!

Sorry for the ramblings this morning! I think I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been part of the Walkabouts, and and huge Thank You to the Photo Camp delegates who have demonstrated the true value of net working.... I cannot wait to meet you all!!!!!

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Alexandra Andrews said...

Jo I can't tell you how booking my place on your photo camp has lifted my spirits, I can't wait to meet all the other 'campers' and immerse myself deeply in the wonderful world of photography. I'm sure I'm not the only one grateful that someone as talented as yourself makes the time to encourage and nurture the rest of us.
I just know it's going to be a great weekend. And I'm hoping I'm going to make some new BFF !

Vic said...

It's true there is an awesome vibe on the photo camp facebook page! Can't wait to get involved and meet everyone next weekend... well done for all your efforts Jo! x

Lucy said...

Thank you Jo, the facebook group has really inspired me. I am so looking forward to meeting everyone at the camp - I hope it's just the beginning of something wonderful for all of us x

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

all of the above......the vibe on the page is fab...and I sooooooo can't wait to meet you all....

Jo I can't thank you enough for all you do to help people move on with their passion...I learnt more on your walkabout than with hours of manual reading or plodding on create a safe place to learn and share...and you are a natural tutor ...and I for one want always to be involved x

Lucy Woodrow said...

Jo, of all the people I have come across in the world of photography, both 'virtually' and in person you are the one who oozes the most enthusiasm. You are always pursuing your love of photography in one way or another and are such a natural talent...haven't even met you yet! Can't wait for next weekend... (PLEASE let there be sunshine!!!!)

L x

Claire Penn Photography said...

What they said. :)

Jo, next time you even consider throwing in the towel, please come back and read these comments from girls YOU have inspired who haven't even met you yet (and haven't experienced a Jo hug!).

I for one know that my life would be very different if I didn't have you in it (and not in a good way). Everyone needs a Jo in their life, shame there's only one of you. :)


Lisa Dearnley-Davison said...

And just to add to all of the above - I know at least one guy who is absolutely gutted that he can't do photo camp having been to the walkabouts... they were just so much fun and such a great experience last year!

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