Sunday, 30 January 2011

A place for everything........

Mikes Dad is an amazing woodcarver and he asked me to photograph some of his carvings today to submit to a magazine.... this meant that I had the perfect excuse to have a nosy around his workshop while I had my camera! It is the most fantastic place, so tidy, so organised and I am so jealous.... both of his neatness but also of his creativity, he keeps pieces of wood and then finally finds a use for it.... nothing is wasted, he even found me a tiny wooden wedge today to prop something up, anyone else would have been satisfied with a price of rolled up paper but he is meticulous. So I thought I would share some glimpses of what I saw today.... he could not understand why I wanted to take photographs of the details of the workshop, but to me those details tell such a story of the place and also of the person.

I hope that you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them Best Blogger Tips
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Mike said...

One very neat and very talented man, how about some of his carving photos going up, xx

Victoria said...

I agree entirely, love the neatness of it all. Does he organise closets????

John LeFebvre said...

Fab photos Jo! Like you say, really tell the story of the workshop. You can almost imagine wooden things coming to life at night. Was there a large ticking clock in there too, to add to the atmosphere? lol

Tara Taylor said...

Great photos Jo! What an interesting place to be in for a photographer!!

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