Friday, 14 January 2011

A Yorkshire wierdo in London!

Just before Christmas I saw an advert for a workshop that I just could not miss.....  John Denton Photography was holding a Photography seminar in a disused Underground station in London.... inspired by the film   American Werewolf in London.... there is a classic scene of a man getting off the underground....alone....and hearing the growl of the werewolf , perfect location for a fashion shoot!!

The course started at a hotel with an overview of the day and an intrroduction to Johns work.... and his humour.... I realised that this was going to be anything but boring. So we all jumped on the waiting coach and headed down to the Embankment with Vivienne our amazing model for the day. John introduced us to off camera flash and using light to enhance our images.

We then headed down to Aldwych Station... this was closed in 1994 but is now used regularly for filming and photography, Prodigys video for 'Firestarter' was filmed her, as was the film 'Creep' and parts of 'V for Vendetta. We had access for just 2 hours as it is thought the the hire price is approximatly £1500/hour!

The main ticket area has been maintained and is really beautiful
The rest of the workshop was held in the old tunnels.... very very spooky and on part of the track. It was a long made my brain hurt trying to take everything in but it was fantastic. I got the chance to work with Viv who is a fabulous model and John who is one of the best Photography tutors I have met, patient, willing to share his expertise, creative....I could go on! I know that going on courses like this means that there are 20 or so photographers all trying to get the best shot and all coming out with very similar images. I also know that the images I got were with the help of John, Viv, and the amazing location but what I hope I have achieved is a willingness and confidence to try new techniques, an opportunity to look at the way I process and compose my images and the chance to spend time in a location  that few people get access to.
 I have really tried to make these images 'my own' by using different angles, processing techniques etc

In the lift
Add caption
John in action!
Sorry for the very long blog post and there are far too many images I know but I loved it..... can you tell ???
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LeFebvre Photography said...

Jo, fabulous as always, gorgeous model and stunning images. John xxx

David Burke Photography said...

Awesome, just wish I could have gone on this one!!!! I've done a few things with John and they're amazing. Great work

michelle wilson- MSWphotography said...

jo some of these are amazing! fab as usual talented lady x

Sara said...

I so need to get on a workshop like this!
Fabulous images, Jo xx

Warren Millar said...

Very nice Jo ..... wanna find a run down old house for a shoot :-) ...... oh just had a thought could use mine ;-) ....great images as always Jo x

Claire Penn Photography said...

Just fabulous... and V for Vendetta is one of my favourite films! Superb Jo, as ever. :) xxxxx

Lisa Dearnley-Davison said...

Fantastic shots and what a location!

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

oooh I love these........the location looked amazing .....and the pp is fab lovely......fab set always x

Tara Taylor Photography said...

Fantastic shots and processing! What a fab location - looks and sounds like you had a great day!

Barry Dawson said...

John really is a fantastic person to learn from, and has a lot of passion which I feel rubs off.

And the results I think are great from your time away from your home country of Yorkshire.

All The Best


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