Saturday, 26 February 2011

Costa Coffee or Starbucks?

This is a quick blog post..... I know have been pretty quiet recently since the chaos and excitement of Photo Camp and planning for my studio opening.

I have a lovely friend and her name is Andrea....go and have a look at her website Andrea Ellison Photography. I met Andrea via Facebook and have always loved her work, she has a way of making you feel really involved in her photography and the stories that she tells of the people she is photographing, she remembers little details about the couples whose Weddings she captures, she is loud, funny and amazingly creative.....but.....and its a big But (not her butt....thats just the right size...!) she suffers with the occasional confidence crisis and doubts her ability, I know that we all do at times and it is usually what pushes us to improve and build on what we have. recently Andrea mentioned that another Wedding Photographer has started in business near her and she was concerned, I am betting that she started to question her own pricing, style packages....... again I know a lot of photographers who have experienced the same thing, we all worry about the other photographers in our area, are they better than us, will we be able to compete? 

Well I was in Liverpool today and walked along the road near the lovey bombed out Church in the city centre, Mike and I went for coffee in Costa and while I was sat there I noticed that Starbucks was directly opposite and  Nero was a few doors away.... it made me think of Andrea, all of these shops serve coffee, and food, and they were all busy, they are aware that the other shops are competition but they work on their own style and brand....they are not panicking and cutting their prices.... they realise that there is a coffee shop for everyone....I like Costa, Craig loves Starbucks....and we are loyal to each of them.

So Andrea, your customers love you... you are your unique selling point, there is a photographer for everyone, some will love you and some will love someone else......but that's ok, I know how hard you work to constantly improve your skills and I have seen how your hard work has paid off, you are just getting better and better with every shoot you do and if Mike ever has a crazy moment and pops the question and I have a crazier moment and say yes then you are the only person I would think of to take my photographs xxxxxxxx Best Blogger Tips
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Katrin said...

Jo, you are so right. In every single word. :o)
Andrea, if you should read this: believe Jo!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Jo, I wish I had a friend like you - oops silly me I have, her name is Andrea - you are soooooo right she is AMAZING in her own way, I keep telling her her trouble is she doesn't realise how good she is. She is a delight to be around and makes everybody feel like they are somebody, not a lot of people can do that, with Andrea its natural, a quality from within xxx

Anonymous said...

I met Andrea once and I made her cry. I told her that if I was ever to get married that I would book her in an instant, not simply that her work is beautiful but she has an infectious giddiness that fills you up with total happiness - that's rare. Jo, thanks for this post. Not just to give Andrea a kick up the butt but for every creative person out there who goes through self doubt. x

Alexandra Andrews said...

What a lovely post and so true, there are wise words for all of us not just Andrea.

Claire Penn Photography said...

HERE ******* HERE. :) It's in print now, she has to believe it. Yes? xxxxxx

Caroline Freeman Photography said...

What a great analogy - it's so true.
I haven't met Andrea and only know her through Facebook, but her work is awesome and her words are so fitting, she can even make me cry!
Alexandra is right too, we should probably all reflect on this from time to time to remind ourselves.

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

WOW......what can I say......Thanks Jo....

you are right..I did all the things you said..pricing's true x I think I worry because I always felt that I must have something good I could do other than the 100 meters me I *was* like a whippet ....and then I found that actually I can take a picture...and more importantly ...that I love doing it.....I still feel I am going to wake up and it will be gone....anyway...I promise to stop this ridiculous attention seeking behavior ...

and in the words of Story People...."I feel so much better about myself since I started calling the fetal position the victory position"

Thanks for taking the time to write that lovely blog.....I am so glad I have found a friend in you <3 you rock lady xxx

John LeFebvre said...

Beautifully said Jo, and Andrea you better believe it - people pick you because of you. You could probably double your prices and they would still be battering your door down!
You are one talented lady, no scratch that, you are ALL talented ladies and I am honoured to have met each and every one of you. xxx

Warren Millar said...

Nice words Jo and all true, I love Andrea not just her work but as a person, she always makes me smile even if I have to cover Adams ears up sometimes :-)

All you ladies are legends who I admire and proud to call my fiends :-)xx

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