Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How to get ahead!

Headshots... now if you type this into Google I promise that within minutes you will get tons of advice on how to get higher scores on Modern Warfare, Halo and any other crazy games for the X Box!! But these are not the type of headshots that I am promoting - thank goodness I hear you cry! 

Headshots are always part of my photography sessions - I love faces, expressions, eye contact, especially eye contact. So, why do I do headshots, well, like I said, I love doing them.... but there are other reasons why my lovely clients might want them, actors and performers all need great headshots for their profile online and for their casting calls, business owners need them for news articles and  website profiles. 

The internet is full of information and we skip through so much of it every day -  strong profiles that catch your eye are essential and one of the ways to do this is great photography, having a picture of you on your profile makes you more approachable and makes your business have a human face. A good headshot should be natural, for an actor or performer then it may need to show different expressions, with simple and clean backgrounds. For a business owner then it may need to include an aspect of the business, either what you do or where you are based.

So , here are just a few of the headshots that I have done , if this has inspired you to start the new year off with an updated profile then give me a shout. I aim to work with you to get the images that show you at your best! And you never know .....you might just enjoy it!

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