Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Winter sunshine

Just before Christmas, you remember Christmas - the chaos, the stress and the distinct lack of snow, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Jo, Tony and Gaby. We dicided to make the most of the beautiful winter sunshine and head down to Formby pine woods - one of my favourite locations to shoot.

Jo wanted to get photographs of Gaby obviously, she is sooooo cute..... but she also wanted to make sure that she had photographs of the 3 of them together. Like most families, the family album was full of pictures, but usually someone was missing from them as they were behind the camera! So we made sure that we got lots of combinations of this lovely family, including some absolutely gorgeous and romantic ones of just Jo and Tony, while Gaby was very happy running around the woods having adventures and looking for non existent squirrels! 

So not only do they now have beautiful family portraits, they also have pictures of them as a couple, how many of you reading this can say that you have images like this in your album - come on....I know that you haven't!

I am really eager to photograph families this year, I know how much I love looking through my family albums, yes albums, not just the photos that you keep on your hard drive and never see the light of day, proper albums. I know that I am going to make sure that my family are photographed this year - including me, I don't want to look back in a few years and regret not having photos of me and Mike as a couple and of me and my gorgeous , handsome son (yes I am completely biased !)  however reluctant he may be - I think bribery might have to be involved in that one!!

So , readers, have a look through these images, and be nice, leave me a little hello at the bottom so that I know you dropped by. Oh and if this has made you think about your own family album, then give me a shout and maybe we can plan a little adventure with your family, I promise to try and book the sunshine for you xxx

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Peter Holloway said...

Gorgeous set of images Jo :)

sally Edgar said...

Fabulous Jo - as ever. x

john j said...

wonderfull images again jo . keep on sharing!

LisaDD said...

Fabulous set!

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