Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sue-Lyn model portfolio

One of the areas of photography that I adore is working with established and aspiring models, building up their portfolios. I never thought it would be something that my business would include this area , those of you who know me well will know that fashion and make up are not high priorities for me, ( jeans, t shirts and just a touch of mascara is more than enough!!!) but I adore the escapism of fashion magazines, the incredible beauty of the models and the creativity of the teams that work on them.

Before Christmas I had chatted to Sue-Lyn who wanted to update her modelling portfolio, we discussed when and where to do the shoot and decided to try the area around the Docks in Liverpool, one of my favourite locations, lots of great backdrops and  interesting side streets to explore. What we did not realise is that today was going to be one of the windiest days in recent memory! I always advise models to have a make up artist for shoots like this and the lovely Jenni Henshaw joined us today, go and have a look at her Facebook page - a very very talented lady.

So we headed to Liverpool, and here are just some of the images from today. I really need to thank both Sue -Lyn and Jenni for putting up with the cold and windy conditions, and I also have to thank the lovely Russian man who let us use his garage/office for make up....!!

Now what would be really nice is for you to let me know you have dropped by.... say Hi !!!

And if you are a model or looking to become one and you would like to discuss a shoot like this then please give me a shout 

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Katrin said...

Fantastic work, Jo. And the wind worked as a bonus.

LisaDD said...


Jenni Hearnshaw said...

Those shots have come out so well, was such a fun day shooting with you, loved it!would definitely love to do some more shoots in the future :)

Paul said...

Gorgeous image. I'm sure Sue & Jenni are delighted wih these...... I would be ; ) x

Wendy K said...

I think the wind really added something. Great images Jo as always

john j said...

where do you get your models from, there always gorgeous, (in a photogenic way obviously)

Dade Freeman said...

Some cracking images there Jo, and stunning model - well done ;)

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