Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Liverpool and Love!

Lindsay contacted me towards the end of last year to arrange a photoshoot for herself and boyfriend George. She is a keen photographer , but, as usual, she prefers to be behind the camera and so wanted some images of her and George together. It was lovely working with Lindsay to plan this shoot - she really wanted it to take place somewhere that has meaning for the 2 of them and as they met at The Albert Dock in Liverpool we decided to start there and over a coffee I found out a bit more about them - yes I am nosy but one of the best things about being a photographer is getting to know the people I photograph! 

I have decided that Lindsay has the best job ever - she works for Jaffa Cakes - the company that is - she doesn't get paid in Jaffa cakes! I also found out how much they love to go walking and Ingleton is one of their favourite places to visit - and it looks like I am going to be asked back to photograph them there this year which will be wonderful. Photoshoots should be a special occasion, they should be personal and that includes the location - I am more than happy to travel - me and Tallulah love an adventure..... Tallulah - my SMART car.... I really need to introduce you to her sometime!

So we started at the Albert Dock and wandered along the wonderful river front then headed to the docks area. Lindsay had seen pictures of Bob Dylan sitting on steps in the area when he visited in 1966 and so we went hunting for the same steps! And we found them!  Heres the link to the original images of  Dylan

So, dare I say that Valentines day is on its way and also its a Leap year! Lots of opportunities for romance and showing the world just how you feel about each other....... a photoshoot is the perfect way of doing this, celebrating a new relationship, an engagement, an anniversary.... whatever the occasion, I can be there to help to record the moment, wherever you may be......Tallulah is waiting!!!!

Many thanks to George for showing just how much he enjoyed the afternoon - thumbs up !!!!! Best Blogger Tips
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